Tech savvy. Experienced. Hardworking. And unabashedly creative. We’ve got this marketing thing nailed down even though the Internet changes like a traffic light and morphs like a Transformer®.

Here are the people who make it happen at the highest level. Who drive the difference we make for clients every day. Who have taken us to the top of the proverbial mountain.

And—if you click on the bios and look at the pictures—you’ll see they’ve been busy innovating and leading our growth since day one.

And while you’re looking, please don’t just admire our industry-leading allure, shake our proverbial hand, and Request a Proposal.

Photo of Lisa Wehr

Lisa Wehr

Founder & CEO

As Oneupweb's Founder and CEO, Lisa Wehr has been propelling the company to new heights and through uncharted territories since its inception in 1996. Her guiding philosophy is simple: Be Humble, Be Honest, Be Professional—and do whatever it takes to keep clients on the forefront of digital marketing success. Be it implementing new services, creating technologies where none exist or taking an unconventional approach to client communications.

With Lisa's guiding philosophy as the impetus for every business decision, the company has experienced the kind of growth and success many entrepreneurs only dream about, increasing revenue year-over-year, for more than a decade. Getting her start with her own web design firm in 1995, she was designing and optimizing websites before Google was in existence. Beyond being one of the most recognized authorities on search engine marketing, her pioneering work and on-going technological developments continue to set standards in digital marketing.

Photo of Tim Kauffold

Tim Kauffold

Director of Operations

Give Tim a few minutes and he'll give you a better, more efficient way of doing business. Since 2003, Tim's been indispensable in carrying out Oneupweb's strategic vision and driving the company's exponential growth. He oversees all departments and manages day-to-day operations—handling everything from employee concerns to client-side technology issues. He assisted with the design and development of PodTractor™, Oneupweb's enterprise podcast tracking technology, and helped invent industry-leading tools in click fraud detection, trademark monitoring, ad testing and keyword permutation.

Prior to Oneupweb, Tim served as senior web content developer for a well-known software development company. Ask him what he believes and he'll tell you: "There is no challenge you can't overcome." In his spare time, he coaches his sons in youth soccer and Little League baseball, exercises his DIY gene by tinkering around the house and is an avid reader and news junkie. Tim holds a B.A. in English from Michigan State University.

Photo of Carly Wujcik

Carly Wujcik

Director of Sales & Marketing

Marketing professionals tend to be either strategic or creative. They get pumped up about ROI and measurement—or stirred up about color and font. Carly is equally excited by both. Carly has led Oneupweb's marketing department since 2007. Working closely with design, sales and public relations, she's created and implemented strategies that have increased internal sales leads by more than 180% in just one year. She helped launch Oneupweb's online media planning and placement service. And her expertise in behavioral targeting, dayparting and the analysis of customer demographics helps national enterprise clients lower lead acquisition costs and reap big returns.

Carly received a B.A.A. from Central Michigan University’s premier entrepreneurship program, and has prior career experience in sales and marketing in both the B2B and B2C industries. While away from work, Carly takes full advantage of northern Michigan living by boating on the bay with her family.

Photo of Anne Rix

Anne Rix

Director of Human Resources

Anne is responsible for managing benefits, recruitment, compensation and staffing at Oneupweb. She implemented a yearly appraisal system for all employees as well as a 30- and 90-day "check-in" for new hires—ensuring seamless transitions into the company. Anne believes that it’s one’s passion that drives growth and success. That it resonates from within and fosters great ideas and contributions. Passion => Drive => Success.

She holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Ferris State University and is a big believer in career development and the power of continued education. She’s also lectured on how social media is changing recruitment and modern-day job hunting. On the weekends Anne enjoys cross-country skiing, but once the snow melts you’ll find her on the country roads cycling for miles and enjoying the beauty that is northern Michigan.

Photo of Bill Slater

Bill Slater

Director of Systems & Technology

Bill is bleeding-edge tech talent with a serious old-school background. That is to say, he’s been working on computers since the Commodore 64, coding in BASIC and storing data on floppy disks defined the early ‘80s desktop revolution. The kind of knowledge you gain growing up with technology is invaluable, and it serves as his foundation for tackling the computers and smartphones he expertly does now for Oneupweb. It also helps that he’s a highly trained U.S. Army veteran.

In between the military and Oneupweb, Bill spent 17 years leading IT teams and providing support for General Motors and some of the nation’s most recognizable companies. And somewhere in the midst of it all he found time to become a Microsoft Certified Professional, a Certified Novell Administrator and a plethora of other titles and certifications too long to list. When Bill’s not doing something “tech,” he’s hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, camping in all four seasons or volunteering as a 4-H Outdoor Adventure Challenge Leader.

Photo of Sara Ariza

Sara Ariza

Director of Client Services

As our Director of Client Services, Sara is responsible for ongoing support to existing clients as well as guiding the Account Management team through strategic processes and standards, and doing it with finesse and grace which she attributes to her Finnish heritage and Sisu!

Previous to Oneupweb, Sara was co-piloting a boutique Chicago ad agency focused on branding, SEO and web design. Specializing in the financial, hospitality and research verticals, she led the agency through the uncharted waters of complex and challenging client projects, breaking into new industries in the process.

Sara holds a B.A. in Advertising from Michigan State University. She has advised Fortune 500 companies on realizing value from their brand investments while building and maintaining strong customer relationships. Her specialties are: brand strategy, website strategy and management, copywriting, new business development, budgeting, PPC & SEO management. When not on the proverbial waters, Sara loves to navigate the lakes of northern Michigan sailing and attempting to windsurf.