Creative Services

We live to create

“Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’”

–Jef I. Richards, professor and chair, Department of Advertising, Michigan State University

We live to create. From visual design to identity and branding, audio and video to rich media and motion graphics—we have the talent, the expertise and the drive to deliver sleek, stunning, beautiful creative services to your business.

We tailor our every approach to ensure your brand stands out. Above all, we put the needs of your target audience and demographic first. Our creative services are customer-centric and research driven.

Whether it’s messaging, content, branding, multimedia or the gamut of our creative services combined, we’re dedicated to producing work that gets you noticed and wins you customers.

Visual Design Services: Things of Beauty

“True progress means matching the world to the vision in your head.”

–Rock band Thrice, “Circles”

The Internet is a predominately visual medium. The aesthetics—the lines, shapes, contours, color palette, white space, textures, typography, balance, contrast and scale—of your website combine to make a visual impact on your visitors.

Our creative teams are trained and versed in the art of design and the science behind action paths and user experience. Like most anything we do, we take an holistic approach across digital properties, from websites to landing pages to infographics and social media backgrounds, matching design decisions to your business needs and those of your target audience. > See the project

Rich media & motion graphics: Life is Motion

“Colors answer feeling in man; shapes answer thought; and motion answers will.”

– Scottish author John Sterling (1806–1844)

Motion captures attention, sets your messaging apart, and generates excitement and interest around your brand.

Our motion graphics artists and designers bring your brand assets to life by lending motion to infographics, illustrations, logos and display ads.

We provide:

  • 2D and 3D animation
  • CG and visual effects
  • And more

Identity & Branding: Id, Ego, Superego

“Brand is the story your audience shares whenever you’re not in the room.”

–Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

More than simply flashy design or wit, your brand is the projection of your business’s identity—a reflection of your business’s mission and its core values. From your logo to your tagline, the color palate and your typography—distinction and consistency are the key concerns.

Whether you need help defining your brand or are simply looking for refinement, our creative, research and strategy teams address your identity and branding needs.

We provide:

  • Comprehensive style guide development
  • Logo design
  • Tagline & editorial voice development
  • And more
MIPlace > See the project

Audio/video: Sights and Sounds

“Every time I go to a movie, it’s magic, no matter what the movie’s about.”

–Steven Spielberg

Your target audience craves crisp sound and rich video—and we can help you produce it. From concepting, scripting and storyboarding to directing, production and post-production, we provide audio and video content for websites, marketing campaigns and social media.

For your customized A/V projects—no matter how big or small—look to us. When it’s done, we launch on any platform, with proper formatting and optimization, maximizing views, shares and ultimate impact.

The magic of sight and sound cannot be understated. The Internet’s success in adopting music, radio, TV and video across platforms and touchpoints is nothing short of stunning.

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Paid Media Marketing & PPC

We’ve come a long way since 1990s-era banner ads. Today’s paid media advertising is data-driven, targeted, controlled…

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Content Marketing & SEO

Digital marketing is all about storytelling. And for us, our story truly begins in content marketing and SEO.

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Web Design & Development

Whether you’re interested in a full website redesign, an e-commerce store or something else, our graphic designers and web developers are ready to help.

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Creative Services

From visual design to identity & branding, audio & video to rich media & motion graphics—we have the talent, the expertise and the drive to deliver.

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Research & Strategy

Research and strategy are at the core of every service we offer. Research gives us knowledge. Strategy harnesses its insight.

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Inbound Marketing

Enter inbound marketing—a personalized, content-centric, data-driven approach to nurturing leads and converting them into long-lasting and loyal customers.

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Digital Brand Consulting

If you’re unsure about your strategy direction, or you’re looking for some objective expert advice about your digital marketing brand, call us.

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Social Media

Drive engagement. Increase brand awareness. Humanize your business. Share. Interact. Sell. Generate leads. It’s all possible with social media.

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