Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

The best forms of art can hold memories, tell stories, and tug at your heartstrings in ways never thought possible, which is why design is so important to marketing. Some of the artist that inspire our own artists are:
– Vincent Van Gogh
– Gustav Klimt
– Auguste Rodin
– Amanda Evanston
– Chase Hunt […]

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WCAG Compliance

WCAG Compliance Tips

As digital marketers prepare for the new guidelines (WCAG 2.1) here are some tips to keep in mind when designing for handicap and disability accessibility:

– Be mindful that for people using devices like a screen reader, scrolling is difficult and annoying.
– Make sure you’re using a large enough size for body copy.
– Don’t use only color to indicate a form error.
– Don’t hide links or action items under hover states.
– Higher contrast between background color and type colors makes it easier to read for all users, but especially for those with vision problems. […]

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Jess Gordon

Meet Jess “Gruesome Podcast” Gordon

Name: Jess Gordon Position: Senior Graphic Designer What’s Your Average Day Like at Oneupweb? In the morning, I catch up with some design blogs and usually pick up whatever work I left off on from the day before. I typically have some meetings, which can be internal team check-ins where we discuss client work or […]

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Oneupweb : French Paper + CSA Design = Awesome

Even though I am a designer who works primarily in the digital realm, there is still something about a paper swatch book that makes my heart skip a beat or two. They are often little design gems. And the ones I always reach for first are from French Paper. I’ve always loved the unique, quirky […]

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Oneupweb : Design Supplies

During idea generation, building concepts or even making revisions, there are some other tools that I always reach for. […]

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Oneupweb : The Internet’s Dark Day

And while a censored internet isn’t exactly comparable to an apocalypse, I think these bills would be very devastating to the internet as we know it. […]

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Oneupweb : Twitter For The Rest of Us

Being able to keep up with Chermayeff and Geismar, Pentagram, AIGA, David Carson, and of course, Jessica Hische, all in one spot? Yes, please! […]

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Oneupweb : Light Fossils

Darius Twin’s latest series of light paintings are images of skeletal prehistoric animals, like dinosaurs and saber tooth tigers. […]

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Oneupweb : Colors of Traverse Bay

Color palette inspired by the view of the bay. […]

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Oneupweb : Paper Goodies

Darrah Gooden and her paper collage animals… […]

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Oneupweb : Hand Painted Typography

Hand painted signs catch my attention every time. They feel authentic and genuine among all the other mass produced materials we are surround with […]

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Oneupweb : A Stitch In Type

Having some experience with embroidery, I know that achieving those different color transitions with thread would have taken quite a lot of time and planning. […]

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