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Frequently Asked Questions About YouTube

Question #1: What is YouTube SEO?       YouTube is its own search engine with its own SEO ranking algorithm. What works on Google doesn’t always work on YouTube, and vice versa. The nice thing about YouTube content, however, is that it will also rank on Google – but only if it’s optimized correctly for YouTube! On […]

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Why You Need Market Research

Market research is an important tool that solves marketing problems before they even happen. Many of the most successful marketing campaigns are backed by market research. In fact, the role of market research is to provide a business with pertinent data before that business embarks on a particular marketing strategy, therefore ensuring that strategy’s relevancy, […]

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Three Examples of How to Use Market Research

In today’s world, it’s crucial that small business owners understand everything about their business. Three important pillars of any successful business include its audience, its website and its brand strategy. Understanding these three pillars by conducting market research helps businesses better serve their consumers. Invest in market research in these three areas and watch your […]

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Website Compliance and The California Consumer Privacy Act

Making sure that your business website is compliant with privacy regulations is a way to help your audience feel safe in 2020. In fact, most privacy policies are legally binding. Ensuring that your users’ data is secure is the first step toward a fully functional and competitive business website. With the impending launch of California […]

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Facebook Live for Marketing

Did you know that in 2019, Facebook Live videos generated 6-times more user interactions than regular videos? It’s one reason why Facebook Live marketing is a crucial addition to any digital marketing strategy – it allows you to engage with your audience in a raw, human way. Why It’s Better Than Just Posting Videos to […]

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