10 Ways to Promote Your Infographics & Live Happily

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Infographics work because… No time to read full sentences.

Photo by anieto2k.

Here’s the scoop: Journalists have been using infographics to help tell their stories for decades. Nothing supplements a data-rich story better than a frontpage infographic. They break down the numbers. They showcase the juicy morsels. They make your 2-dimensional data sprout legs and Riverdance across the World Wide Web.

Realizing the almighty power of the Internet, brands are using their websites to publish stories of their own. And if the business is, in fact, in business, then it has a relevant story to tell. The challenge then becomes telling that story in a non-boring fashion.

The solution? Infographics.

Proof that Infographics are still very much alive

I will now introduce you to the PQRS Theory (yes, I just made that up). Infographics work because they are…

  • Pretty
  • Quick
  • Readable
  • Shareable

Overheard in the jungle:

“Oh lookie! This is Pretty. I’m gonna give this a Quick Read… How interesting! I think I’ll Share.”

At Oneupweb, we love making infographics—whether it’s for promoting one of our fabulous clients, sharing our own useful insights or, you know, just showing off our whiteboard skills. But once it’s built, how do you get the most traction out of your infographic?

1.) Upload to SlideShare

Not only will you get exposure to SlideShare’s 60 million global users, you’ll also get an embed code to help distribute your infographic to the masses. Not familiar with SlideShare? Check it out.

2.) Post to Landing Page

This is your infographic’s home. It’s the link you will distribute to bloggers and share across your social channels. This page needs an optimized title, meta description, header and plenty of on-page text that explains the infographic. Since the infographic is embeded on this page, it will not be crawled by search engines. It may be smart to provide a complete transcription under the embed.

3.) Promote on Social Media

Start by sharing the most interesting fact on your infographic. Include a related photo. But since infographics tend to be long and narrow, don’t share a photo of the entire infographic. Or you could…

4.) Chunk it Out

Break your infographic into chunks and, over time, share each one. This can be accomplished by taking a screen shot or typing out a snippet of data. I prefer taking a screenshot and sharing as a photo with a link back to the full version.

5.) Target the Tweeters

Use Topsy to see who’s talking about your topic. Tweet them a link. Or even better…

6.) Collaborate

Invite influencers to contribute to the infographic. If they’re a part of it, they’ll likely share it! Same goes for any resources you’re citing.

7.) Find the Backlinks

Use Open Site Explorer to get a list of external links pointing to your site. Next, do the same for your competitors. Import all the external linking domains into a spreadsheets. Using Conditional Formatting, find out which domains (niche blogs, news sites) are linking to your competitors but not to you. Reach out to those folks. Keep the message brief, and include a very interesting fact in the subject line!

8.) Submit Your Infographic

Some people just love a good infographic. Here are 10 places to submit your infographic for free:

9.) Repurpose & Recycle

There’s a lot of great information in your infographic. Use your blog to expand on a single area. What insights can you add? What resources or links can you provide?

10.) Build It Right

Promoting your infographic will be way more difficult if it’s not original, not interesting or looks like hot garbage. Put some time and effort into your work! Don’t have the time? Then let’s chat.

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