10 Ways to Win at SlideShare SEO & Presentation Optimization

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I blame my high school computer science teacher, my college communications professor and nearly every business presentation I’ve ever endured.

So thank you, SlideShare, for showing me that PowerPoint presentations don’t have to suck.

In a world where attention span is often dictated by the speed of a computer mouse, the presentation sharing network SlideShare is becoming more and more relevant for big brands, small businesses and anyone who has something interesting to say.

There are numerous reason why OneUpWeb is harnessing the powers of SlideShare and recommending the same to clients. But how lame would it be if all I did was simply list them below? Low and behold, the beauty of SlideShare and optimization tips to make it work for your business…

SlideShare Transcription:

You have some great information, but it doesn’t seem like anybody can find it – let alone share it!

Why? Does the Internet think I’m a loser?

No! You’re just doing it all wrong. You need to optimize SlideShare to tap its 60 million global users.

  1. File Name Counts – The name of your presentation or infographic becomes the URL.
  2. Title Does Too – Keywords are certainly important, but nobody click a boring title.
  3. Look Sharp – Find images that are, sexy or incredible – especially for the cover.
  4. Describe With Action – In the description, include a call to action and link to your website.
  5. Share Bite-Size Info – Too much text = bad. Clear and simple = good.
  6. Optimize On-Slide Copy – SlideShare will transcribe your presentation, so include keywords.
  7. Link It Up – Add links to the PDF version before uploading. Click here for link help!
  8. Tag Like Crazy – According to SlideShare, tags increase searchability by 30%.
  9. Allow Downloads – Check this setting when uploading your presentation to SlideShare.
  10. Share On Social – Integrate with LinkedIn, and share presentations across social channels.

And if you do all of these things, your content just might reach new heights.

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