The Corn Farmer Part 1: 1 Man Dead. 2 Lives Ruined.

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A northern Michigan corn farmer has been killed. Two lives have been ruined. Oneupweb was able to get the entire story. And it’s one your business can’t afford to miss.

While incredibly entertaining, this story has an important underlying message: Be Relentless™. It’s a term we use quite often at Oneupweb, because you have to Be Relentless™ to succeed in business today. Let me explain.

The internet continues to change and evolve, constantly creating new opportunities for people to connect with your brand. Just stop and think about all the opportunities that are out there — your website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, podcasts, email blasts, landing pages, and a whole lot more. There is opportunity in every click, connection and conversation. But taking advantage of these opportunities to successfully market your business online requires hard work and creativity. And it requires you to Be Relentless™. And that’s what we do at Oneupweb.

We’re constantly looking for new, innovative, creative and strategic ways to get our clients seen (and heard) online. Doing what every other guy is doing just isn’t enough — you have to break through the clutter to get your message heard.

I encourage you to discover the tragic details of one Northern Michigan corn farmer. And when you’re done, feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help your company Be Relentless™.

I’ll be posting about this topic every day this week, so be sure to check back for more tomorrow.

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