2010 Display Advertising Wishes

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I’ve made a list, I’ve checked it twice and now comes the task of contacting almost 100 different media outlets to request advertising information for 2010. As I dig through websites looking for information on what advertising mediums are available (website, e-newsletter, podcasts, etc) or simply contact information for an advertising rep, I realized that just a few things could make this process a lot simpler. So I’ve put together my display advertising wish list for 2010:

  • Have Appropriate Contact Information on Your Website. I can’t tell you how many times I find an outlet that I would like to consider placing advertisements in, but can’t seem to find contact information for an ad rep. I don’t want just an online form – I have no idea who that is going to, or if it even got through. I need to have a good relationship with your sales rep, and if I don’t even know their name, that can’t happen. Please, give me a name, a phone number and an email address. It’s the first step, and one of the most important.
  • Respond In a Timely Fashion. It may seem simple, but please, just drop me a quick email to let me know you received my request for a media kit. Do it that day, even if you aren’t ready to talk to me in depth quite yet. Some sort of confirmation that my request got through is greatly appreciated.
  • Provide All of the Information. Don’t send me a media kit just for print when you offer digital advertising as well. I want to know all of the different options that are available with your outlet. Do you have an e-newsletter? Do you have a podcast? Give me all of my options, give me a day or two to look through them, and then let’s have a phone call to see what would be the best for me.
  • Make Creative Suggestions. Do you think one plan would work better for me than another? Do you think a combination of podcast advertising, a banner ad on your home page and a print ad would be the best? Are your editors coming out with a new webinar that I could sponsor? Don’t be afraid to make creative suggestions – if it can increase qualified leads and ultimately, ROI, I’m all for it.
  • Give Me a Rate Card. Yes, I understand you want to make the sale. So you tell me about your advertising options, why they are all right for me, and then ask me what my budget is so you can create a plan to fit it best. That’s great, I appreciate it, but please, send me a rate card. I need to know what the price is. I understand that could change, I know we can work out a plan, but I need to see the numbers.

  • Give Me Audience Demographics. I want to know exactly who my ad will be reaching, how many people and any other information you can provide me with. That way I can be sure that I am in the most appropriate outlet, with the most appropriate option, to really impact my target audience.
  • Give Me Some Time. I know that this one can be the hardest. You want to make the sale, and be able to focus on the next possible advertiser. But I do need some time. I need to make sure my plan, overall, is absolutely correct. I have to present it, as a whole, to get final approval. Sometimes a few other reps may not move as fast as you, or maybe I simply haven’t been able to schedule a meeting with my CEO to present my plan. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything, or if I have any more questions. I understand you have needs as well. But please, don’t send me a proposal and request that I have it signed and return it to you that day. It’s just not possible for me to do that.
  • Tell Me If Your Outlet Is Not a Good Fit. This will save us all some heartbreak in the future. If your outlet doesn’t have the audience that I’m looking for, or won’t help me reach my goals, please tell me. Don’t try to make it work. Your honesty will win huge points with me, and odds are I’ll be more likely to contact you again if anything should change.

Do you have anything you’d like to see added to the list? Leave a comment to let me know.

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