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The moment has come, this is my chance to talk about the royal wedding—finally! Those who know me will tell you that my two favorite subjects are British royal family genealogy and weddings. Ever since Prince William was a handsome young lad with a full head of hair and Kate Midd…Middleville? Midtown? Whatever, for a long time, I have dreamed of this day—like most young boys do.

None of the previous paragraph is actually true. Really, the only royal-related dream I have is that one day I will find out I am heir to the crown while working as a lounge singer at a casino, shortly after being replaced by a chimpanzee. However, I do take an interest every time a certain event gets blown way out of proportion, because as someone who makes a living around search engines, I get a wonderful glimpse into human behaviour (That’s a spelling shout-out to my British peeps).

The reason for this fascination is a couple fun tools—Google Autocomplete and Insights for Search. When something blows up, I like to see who’s causing the hoopla and what weird things come out of their minds and into a query. First, I can hop on over to the Google homepage, type in what little I know about the future queen, and voila:

Autocomplete not only gave me her full last name, but I can see that people are concerned with mainly two things—her dimensions and her bling. On a related note, Autocomplete is a fantastic tool for seeing how the collective public thinks, which is usually quite unflattering.

Next, I head over to Insights for some geographical fun. Despite feeling like an expert on the royal wedding just from the magazine covers I read in line at the grocery store, the most surprising thing I found on Insights was that the United States is actually seventh in regional interest for the term [royal wedding] over the last 12 months. Within the U.S. in the past 30 days, the royal wedding obsession award goes to Maine and the rest of the New England area—congrats guys. In other words, if you think you’re sick of hearing about it where you live, it could be worse.

Can William and Kate usurp the top rising wedding-related query over the past 7 years running? It’ll be tough to beat, as that crown still belongs to Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

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