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With the Spring equinox in sight, summer is just around the corner! Hallelujah! Before we know it, pool covers will be rolled up, BBQs will be rolled out and boats will be launched into the water. People are ready for summer vacation!

If you run a hospitality-based business, what’s your plan to capture all this potential business online? From targeting the correct keywords, optimizing your local listings or creating an online review strategy, Oneupweb is here to help …

Travel Planning Isn’t Like It Used to Be

Do you remember as a kid the months that would go into planning a vacation. First you looked in the phone book for a travel agent (or just went straight to AAA if you were a member) where you stood in line to talk to a rep who gave you handfuls of brochures.

Next came the roulette game of finding a decent hotel without knowing the area or hearing any first-hand accounts of people who had stayed there. Fortunately, a lot of this has changed.

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Modern Travel Planning

Nowadays, the whole travel process is expedited by the internet. We plan our entire trip through the aid of search engines in a matter of minutes without leaving home.

Want to go to Florida? Type it into Google or Bing to find airfare, a driving map and more. If you’re a business how can you make sure people looking for you online can find you? Better yet, once they find you, does your website have what they are looking for?

If you’re in the hospitality industry, it pays to have your sites optimized. Follow these SEO tips for your travel website or business:

  • Do keyword research and optimize your website with the proper keyword targets.
  • Are you a local business? Set up a GMB listing (or claim the pre-existing listing) for your business and optimize it with the correct business hours and details. Other GMB tips include:
    • Always verify your GMB listing with Google.
    • Gather as many GMB reviews as you can and respond to all of them.
    • Run GMB posts for events or specials.
  • You’re the local expert! If horseback riding, hiking or water sports are popular in your area, create pages to provide the details people are looking for online when they want to do these activities.

Remember, the easier it is to plan a vacation at your business or book a room on your website, the more likely people are going to take another one soon (and leave a good review!).

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Digital Marketing for the Hospitality Industry

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We will tailor a digital marketing strategy based on your goals and budget, and explain the process along the way; no digital marketing lingo or secrets, we promise! Our goal is to deliver a clear and concise marketing strategy and show you the data to prove it’s working.

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