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“Unbelievable.” That’s the utterance that has just escaped the lips of my perpetually entertaining officemate Hillary. Why is her disbelief emotion running so strong this AM? Well, this has a lot to do with it.

That’s right. Thanks to Robert, a “former favored” co-worker of mine, Hillary and I have been forced to discover the world of Ark Music Factory.

What is AMF? Rebecca Black…“Friday”. They are the group that created this fantastic ditty and launched the dim little star that is Ms. Black.

They also appear to be geniuses. These guys charge diva little rich kids $2,000-$4,000 for a song, a video shoot, image “consulting” and lunch. Time Magazine called them “…a whole new level of bad.” Time Magazine. Who cares what Time said about them, they made it into that reputable, sought after, longed for publication without even trying! They sell Bieber dreams and multitudes of Biebers are buying into it.

Thus is the power of the internet my friends. Check these guys out. Now, as you sit there at your desk, enthralled by the tweeny mush, your daily work report slowly being shot to hell, check out the views on these things. Every video I’ve dared look at has AT LEAST 1 million+ views. As we all know by now, 1 million views is a very hard thing to achieve on YouTube. That ever elusive “viral video” is not easily attainable, no matter how important the video is.

Despite popular opinion, thanks to the power of the Web, Ryan Seacrest is not needed when making a star.

At Oneupweb, we tout the influence of Social Media. We say that your online business life is not complete without a dash of Facebook, a hint of YouTube and a splash of Twitter. When asked to prove this secret recipe’s worth, we whip out facts, figures, stats and case studies. Well, from now on, when asked that question, I’ll simply say “$24,000.” That’s how much, per week (according to Yahoo News and Billboard) Rebecca Black has been earning from “Friday.”

Let’s quickly put that into perspective, shall we? Rebecca Black sang one mildly entertaining song, paid $4,000 for a video and catered lunch and, if her figures hold, stands to make around $1.3 million for a year’s worth of $24,000 weeks.

Now, a certain politician, born in Hawaii, practiced law in the ghetto of Chicago, eventually becoming Senator of the great State of Illinois and then the first black President of these United States (POTUS) makes, with all expense accounts included, $569,000 per year. Granted, the Obama’s make a considerable amount more than that through other means as well, but the point remains valid.

The internet is powerful. It can make or break you. It can make you bank or pound you into the dirt. Whether you’re a tween heart-throb wanna-be, a man looking to make history in this country’s next election or a company hoping to bridge the gap between product and consumer, you need this Wx3 resource.

My final word on all of this is simple. Anything is possible. It always has been. It always will be. With a song about days of the week or a great business plan that just needs exposure, the sky is the limit online. Yes You Can.

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