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You may be familiar with The Gregory Brothers’ YouTube channel called Schmoyoho. They’ve created videos like the Bed Intruder Song, Rent: Too Damn High Song, Double Rainbow Song, and more. They’re hook is that they Auto-Tune well-known YouTube videos into song remixes.

On Thursday they produced a new video with the “eHarmony cat lady” video. You can view the original video here.

It was uploaded 21 hours ago and it already has nearly 300,000 views. That’s 14,285.71 views per hour – PER HOUR!

The people behind Schmoyoho channel are great at branding themselves, their videos and their other social media profiles. They have hilarious videos to back up their brand, which obviously helps, but they’re also excellent at promoting them. Digital marketers should take note. Below is a screenshot of their channel. I’ve highlighted some sections that I’d like to breakdown.

1. In the upper-right corner, they are branding their other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, their website and their iTunes page. Plus they have a link to their custom t-shirts.

2. In the video section, they’ve added annotations at the end of their videos that usually provide calls-to-action for subscribing, watching the original video that they remixed and promoting the remixed song on iTunes.

3. Lastly, they provide links to their songs on iTunes and their custom t-shirts at the beginning of the description section.

What do you think of the Schmoyoho YouTube Channel presence? Do you think they do a good job?

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