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It’s been a busy start to the summer so far. Northern Michigan has been beyond beautiful. Living here means enjoying every single bit of sunlight and warm temperatures we can, because they don’t last long enough. Working for a digital marketing agency we spend many hours in front of our computers doing search, social and design for our clients. Oneupweb is fun, rewarding, fast paced and at the same time exhausting! At days end stretching out and taking in some of that beauty is why we live where we do. There is so much to do and see right in our own backyard. Many people don’t even know these wonderful sights exists. I’ve discovered new places and met people I would’ve never known if it weren’t for a new game… Hide and Seek.

I know Hide and Seek isn’t a new game, and playing at the age of 30? Got to be crazy, right? Nope it’s been great fun! In my effort to try something new I started searching online for some new games to partake in, as if we don’t have enough of them already. We even have quite a few backyard games, but they never seem to hold my interest for long. Sure they’re fun, but there’s no adventure in them, that’s for sure. I eventually came across a site explaining the rules of Geocaching.

Geocaching, if you are unfamiliar like I was, is basically a game of Hide and Seek. The part that makes it more joyful than the childhood game is the fact you’re using an iPhone or other GPS enabled device to find all sorts of hidden objects. It’s really still the simple concept you might remember as a kid, but with a twist using select coordinates to help find a hidden treasure. Once you find the hidden item you may take it as long as you replace it with another object of equal or greater value for others to find. Sometimes the area surrounding the treasure is more of a find than the actual hidden item, but at the same time it’s always a new adventure. Taking along the iPhone app MyNature Animal Tracks to help distinguish that large dog print from a bear isn’t a bad idea either! Needless to say I’m officially hooked and no longer looking for something to occupy my free time. In any case, once again I’ve been amazed by the power of a simple search and where it has lead me. If your business could use some help with getting your site visitors to find you, call the team at Oneupweb; we’d love to help.

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