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Well by now most of you have heard about Google+. For those of you who haven’t, let me explain the plus side as well as the minus side of Google’s attempt to turn its search engine to one large social network. Personally, I think it’s Google way of realizing that they better do something fast, since they’ve been relaxing behind the eight ball far too long! Their major hurdle will be to entice Facebook users to abandon ship, which is the only way that Google+ will define their success. Without those Facebook players it will be Google- (minus rather than plus).

What really peaked my interest was the fact that Google+ sees the opportunity for employers to hop on the bandwagon, but are asking that they wait awhile and put their recruiting ambitions on hold with their company profiles. Similar to Facebook, employers will have the opportunity to set up a profile, post jobs and enjoy some of the perks that Google+ has to offer.

The downside to Google+ is the fact that it’s not accessible to the public, at least for the time being. One must be invited and it’s pretty tough to be part of the testing phase or their guest list! They have done a good job getting the attention, but now they have left many of us thirsty for more. Mashable has also decided to find out what the limited users think about Google+ and are taking a poll; those results will be posted soon!

In reviewing the many features of Google+, the video chat and grouping aka circles, plays out. Hangouts, which allow up to 10 users to simultaneously video chat with each other may end up being a pain point for Facebook. Hangouts is one feature that stands out from the rest as it has been a hit with the early Google+ beta testers. The main minus factor is that Google+ is presently not compatible with any of the Google Apps. This is a huge deterrent for many and it’s one that should be addressed immediately according to those who have had the privilege to be part of this testing phase. In fact, what’s odd is that Google+ is being launched by way of an Android App. Go figure.

But for now, the rest of us must wait for an invitation. In the meantime, take the pleasure of reading a little of this and that by a couple of my own favorites.

So Google, make it snappy, our summer is short and our weekends are booking up fast! It’s our time to hangout….

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