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Everyone’s jumping on the nostalgia train: from Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night 80’s centric video to the latest announcement that TeenNick is bringing back Pete & Pete and Stick Stickly. Yes, I will admit the recent Mashable article is my inspiration for this blog. And I’m not going to lie and say Christina Warren’s article didn’t resonate with me and make me, for lack of a better term, geeked! But reminiscing about the past is something everyone can enjoy.

In the mall a week or so ago I saw a child begging his mom to buy him a slap bracelet. I actually stopped dead in my tracks to investigate, and yes indeed, they were the same authentic slap bracelets we could get detention for using on our friends in grade school, back in 1991. There is a very distinct rush you get from realizing the things you have experienced and treasured are shared by others.

There are dozens of sites like and Proust that help older generations preserve histories and stories for their descendants. What a great way to make sure the story about the time your crazy aunt fell off the garage roof chasing a chicken gets passed on for years to come.

My absolute favorite nostalgia site hands down though has to be RetroJunk. If it’s your first visit to the site clear your afternoon, because you are about to view opening credits and commercials from back in the day, and you’ll be amazed at the memories they conjure. Can you sing along with the Blossom theme? Do you remember what fast food restaurant Elizabeth Shue thought had the tastiest burgers? If you don’t, you certainly will after some poking around on this site.

Sites like RetroJunk help prove one indisputable truth: brands that connect with their audience and illicit an emotional connection endure. If your brand can connect with your customers in a way that is more than fleeting you can make an impact not only on your bottom-line, but perhaps even on pop culture. Twenty years from now when people reminisce about this decade will you be a part of what makes them starry-eyed? Share your favorite retro commercial in the comments.

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