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A couple weeks ago I was sitting with my friend on a subway in Chicago. Aside from thinking about how unfamiliar I am with the feeling of having 3-5 people inside my personal bubble at one time (us Oneupwebbers live in Traverse City, Michigan, and transportation rarely forces us to get that friendly with our fellow travelers), I found myself observing the behavior of the people around me. Close to every single person had their head down looking at a mobile device of some sort. I wondered what this same scene looked like even just five years ago.

The world—and consequently the buying trends of those around us—is quickly changing. Tablets have replaced printed books. iPods have made bulky CD players obsolete. And, mobile phones have made it possible to get from Point A to Point B without ever making eye contact with another person, let alone holding a conversation. Because we are all constantly connected through social mediums and other digital devices, marketers can target very specific consumers by using social strategies to create detailed psychographic profiles, bringing about a decline in the usefulness of broad demographic information marketers used to rely on.

As buying habits shift, it’s important for companies to think about the generations they’re targeting. The Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) are quickly declining in buying power, while the market is being taken over by Generation X (1965-1980) and frantically by Generation Y (1980-1994). It is my fellow Generation Y members who are showing the greatest shift in buying trends—that’s why it’s important for you as a business to think about our buying habits and behaviors. We [Generation Y-ers] are independent, we are capable of—and sure to—quickly compare prices and products, and we’re both tech savvy and dependent.

Here are a few statistics I have found interesting in a recent article:

  • Generation Y members are sending about 2,200 text each month
  • Less than half of the people born after 1980 are reading newspapers, as compared to almost 60 percent of Baby Boomers that read them on a daily basis
  • More than 90 percent of my generation sleeps with their smartphones or laptops (personally, my phone wakes me up every morning, it keeps track of day-light savings time, so I never have to think about it, and I can check my Facebook and Twitter without ever getting out of bed)
  • A consistently growing number of 18-34 year old people are primarily using Internet Television (my parents have now even joined the streaming Netflix trend; if you knew my parents, it says a great deal about Netflix’s ease and accessibility)
  • Just an interesting tidbit that portrays the hype of digital media—a new Olympic event has been announced for the 2012 games: Competitive Tweeting

As you can see, reaching your current primary audience is a whole different ball game than it was 10, 20 and 30 years ago; we’ve all gone digital. So, how do you get our attention when our heads are down in the subway? You have to get on our mobile devices! And that’s where Oneupweb comes in. Not only are we up on the trends, we know the industry and our digital strategies will get you seen in the mobile arena.

Give us a call today to see success in your company’s web search, social and design efforts. And remember this article next time your friend rudely takes a “text break” (which is apparently the new “smoke break”) in the middle of your conversation.

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