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For every member of the Pay Per Click Marketing team at Oneupweb the day kicks off with a familiar routine. Check on all clients’ websites; check all clients’ prior day performance in ROI trax, then 30 minutes of industry reading on the web.

This is easily my favorite part of the day. In addition to learning about what’s new and what’s weird in the world, I get to read about the latest thing in design innovation.

Until recently I felt a bit guilty about enjoying these design articles that, on the surface, have little to do with my day-to-day job.

However, as time has passed I find them more and more relevant to my work. The definition of design is… long. I’ll link you to it. But it is safe to say that good design is all about the marriage of form and function and it simply doesn’t happen without careful planning.

The same is true of a PPC campaign. A well designed campaign will be easy to understand, able to grow, and provides you with usable information. A poorly designed campaign can suck resources, time and your will to live. It takes a little longer to put together a campaign that will stand the test of time, but it is well worth the effort. That original design will be the backbone of your campaign, possibly for years. It can always be changed, but going back is twice the work so do it right the first time.

I have found that my interest in design innovations has made me more conscientious when I begin planning a new PPC campaign, and that thoughtfulness has paid off down the road. So I can enjoy my design articles and know that they are contributing to the work I do every day.

My favorite design innovations solve a common problem, like this Crumpled City map. Genius.

Okay, to clarify, not every design is concerned with function.

If you do it right, design can change the world.

Design is for everyone and it is likely that your work can be improved with a thoughtful design process. You don’t need an artistic bone in your body to enjoy great design, and you certainly don’t need one to create it either. Starting by focusing on the form that will fit the function you want performed is a great way to get started designing anything. Whether you are designing everyday objects, websites, cities, even founding a country you need to know what you want to accomplish, then create the simplest path to getting that done. Before you know it, you’re designing!

If this sounds great, but overwhelming, keep in mind that the team at Oneupweb is here for you, implementing thoughtful design in everything we do from search marketing to social media strategies and website design.

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