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Did you try it? I did, and nothing happened. The only thing worse than a broken call-to-action (CTA) is writing one that doesn’t speak to your target audience.

More than ever, companies rely on their website to be a ‘virtual’ storefront for their products and services. And because you wouldn’t hire some unprofessional, chauvinist salesperson with a braided mullet at your physical store, your website’s calls-to-action shouldn’t drive away customers in the same fashion. More Internet access, more online purchases—this means it’s time for an honest look at your CTAs and ways to improve them.

Just as “coffee is the lifeblood that fuels the dreams of champions,” CTAs fuel conversions for your website. And like the aforementioned Mike Ditka quote from the movie Kicking and Screaming, your CTAs should compel users and leave an indelible mark.

Static HTML Sites: Many content authors routinely take the easy way out when it comes to CTAs. Not only are the old stand-bys “click here” and “learn more” clichéd, but they are not attention getting—making it easy for users to skim right past them.

Signify your conversion points and reinforce what you have to offer. Whether it’s ‘enroll in classes,’ ‘meet our insurance experts,’ or other previews of where you’re taking visitors, you set expectations. This approach also provides the opportunity to compare how different sets of anchor text compare against one another. Switching ‘schedule a personalized appraisal’ for ‘left-click here one’ lends the opportunity to compare traffic before and after the switch.

This information can give you a better idea of how potential customers talk about your products and what specific phases are getting results.

Mobile Sites: When structuring CTAs for mobile, the more specific the better. Mentioning ‘clicking’ anywhere is obviously a waste, as uses are on their phones or similar mobile device that lacks a mouse.

Why not give them a signpost of where the link is going to take them? Descriptive anchor-text about the page, offering ‘free’ anything, or imploring visitors towards conversion points are always safer bets than alienating visitors by telling them to take an action they can’t do on a mobile device.

At Oneupweb, our team of Client Success Specialists author search engine-friendly content that also drives conversions on your site. Right-click once and then left-click ‘open link’ on Search Engine Optimization Services to maximize your digital marketing campaign.

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