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Anyone else appreciate hand-made quilts? I’ve always loved them since I was little, after reading The Patchwork Quilt by Valerie Flournoy. I thought that it was so cool that tiny square scraps of fabric from favorite t-shirts, Halloween costumes, and special occasions were made into a quilt that lasted long after those clothes stopped fitting or wore out.

Then, a few weeks ago, I read this post on Agustina Woodgate, which was a short clip on her “poetry bombing”, or quickly stitching inspiring messages into the clothes at thrift stores around Miami. Intrigued, I clicked over to her personal website, where many cool projects and ideas live. But these rugs were by far my favorite.

The cool kaleidoscope patterns make me want to rotate them to see how they will change and I also like how they are not completely symmetrical. You may not be able to guess what these huge colorful rugs are made from. I’ll give you a minute to guess.

These rugs are pieced together from the recycled “skins” of stuffed animals. For me, I played with a lot of stuffed animals and each one has memories attached to them. So it’s cool to see stuffed animals with so many memories, that have been outgrown and abandoned, get a new life in these rugs.

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