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Remember remember! The Fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason, should ever be forgot!

We’ve all felt the world surging toward some end as of late. Whether for better or worse, the times, they are a changin’!

Now, this change that is going down, some of us might be in the midst of it, completely consumed by it and some of us may have no inkling of it whatsoever. Well, according to one “hacktivist” group, that feeling of isolation from the world’s collective moods may be on its way out the door and, personally, I rather welcome the thought of it!

We all know how important social media is to our everyday working/business life. We here at Oneupweb have an entire team devoted to the success of varied businesses within the social realm. Social media is a vitally important way for a company that has grown to be a nationwide entity to avoid instilling the feeling of “conglomerate” or “uncaring corporation” within the masses that wander through their sliding glass doors on a daily basis. If one is able to bring an issue to Twitter and that one then receives a direct, personal response from the massive entity that they just patroned, that interaction goes a long way in establishing comfort with the brand and a sense of loyalty to that brand. Long story short (believe me, I just edited it), social media makes a faceless, huge company seem like a friendly neighbor, one that you can’t wait to visit again.

So, having said (written) all of that, please be aware that I am well aware of the power and necessity of social media in today’s fast paced, results oriented, “right now” world. However, my personal opinion of social media has an ugly side, which brings me to the reason that Guy Fawkes‘ “face” graces the coveted image portion of this post and why I began this little ditty with the Fifth of November poem. That is the day, according to some, that Facebook will die.

“Anonymous” is a loosely affiliated group of computerly skilled folk who target people, places, organizations and companies that they feel are harming the common man and woman’s ability to find information, keep an acceptable level of privacy within their own lives and generally feel safe within this world, among other things of course, hence “loosely affiliated.”

The quick version of this whole thing is this: Anonymous (purportedly the group behind the infamous Sony Playstation hack, the disruption over at Paypal in response to Paypal no longer allowing people to donate to Wikileaks, the disappearance of the Turkish government’s website for a time- the same for the Spanish National Police and Orlando, FL government pages, etc. etc. etc.), has vowed to end Facebook on November 5, 2011.

Their usual M.O. includes one or a series of denial of service (DOS) attacks. Is this enough to bring down Facebook? In my opinion……no. Facebook employs multiple hackers. They even set aside a day or two where those hackers, and any other hacker that so chooses to participate, attempts to do exactly what Anonymous hopes to do on November 5; they try to bring down Facebook. It’s never happened. Facebook is far to big for a DOS attack to have any real effect.

But…….what if it DID work?? What if Anonymous had something else up their sleeve?

Think of it, my friends! The evil side of social media is that it turns one into an incredibly “social” hermit. Addictions to Facebook posting have ruined many lives. I have watched as some of my own “friends” have turned from truly social beings into the “social” zombie that Facebook can create. Living vicariously through one’s Facebook page and those of one’s friends is a truly disgusting condition. It robs you completely of the true essence of life.

What if those folks were forced to return to their ACTUAL social lives? Former zombies stumbling out of their front doors and into a formerly unnatural natural sunlight! Life would again return to their worlds, color to their cheeks! Instead of agonizing over one’s next status update, they could go out and LIVE!

A dear friend of mine recently deactivated his Facebook. Now, when folks ask him what his replacement is, he simply says “nothing.” He describes Facebooklessness as pure freedom. Facebook isn’t all that its cracked up to be. For many, it’s a true waste of valuable life.

I concede that Facebook is fun and useful. I love the connections that I can keep and the “heads-up” that I can give when venturing to a space or place abroad…..but…..just imagine what would happen if Facebook disappeared on November 5. Imagine how it would feel if your Facebook screen said “sorry, you have to experience the REAL WORLD today. Just go live.”

You may say I’m a dreamer……..but I’m not the only one! Maybe some day you’ll join us…….and the world can socialize as one.

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