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“To Like or Not to Like – That is the Question” [photo by David Mejias
In the beginning days of social media it was all about interaction, being social and networking via the cyber world. It was about being in the conversation and circulating your voice around within the banter.

The only options for sharing were comment boxes and replies. We only knew you were in the conversation through the comments that you made.

Jump a couple of years ahead in social media’s history and witness the “Like” button.

Now, we can tell you were there by a simple flick of the click of that little blue and white iconic button. Now you didn’t have to say anything to be in on the conversation, but, you could still let the influencer know that you were involved by leaving your little cyber-styled “I was here” Hancock.

It also created a whole new mentality and movement in how much an influencer could become liked or un-liked. That likeability has also transcended across time and space into the realm of company reputations and also into something that all brands out there need to be aware of: the power of the social media “thumb-mind.”

Who would have thought a simple hand symbol could have tilted our communication world thumbs up or thumbs down so drastically. It created the term Likeonomics (you know, Like+Econmics). This, in turn, caused books to be written about its theory. Example: Rohit Bhargava’s  “Personality Not Included”.

The SVP of Ogilvy’s Global Strategy & Marketing shares, in the video below, that there are a few core values to the concept.  They are:

Be simple

Be human

Be brutally honest

Be emotional

What are your thoughts on the subject of Likeonomics? Think in terms of business – do you think that a majority of businesses should be aware of this movement? If they are not, do you think it could be hurting their business?  Not at all?

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