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The leaves are finally settling on the ground, the daytime temperatures are hovering in the mid-50s here in northern Michigan and now it’s time to think about Halloween.

"Don't eat too much candy, you'll get sick." - all parents

This eerie, yet fun, holiday always conjures up a treasure trove of happy childhood memories for me, with exception of the Girl Scout Halloween party where all the treats were named something gross—yup, still traumatized!

My Mommy often would make me incredible costumes and I would go trick-or-treating for HOURS on end, often returning home simply to empty my pillowcase. I loved dumping my mother lode on the floor; separating the candy by type, of course, and counting the pennies. I loved getting pennies, Dots and a bag of chips from the Paddock family!

Lame-O (but fun!)

As a “grown up,” it’s a great time to take on a new persona—if only for a day. I enjoy getting dressed up for Halloween, but over the years my costume attempts become more and more lame (see proof—>).

But, not this year! I’m determined to come up with something good! As such, I’ve begun the search for a creative costume…

During this quest, like most of my online experiences, I’ve clicked and clicked and bounced around from site to site doing various things: listening to nostalgic music, reading creep poetry, watching clips from spooky movies, and somehow I even ended up watching clips of Ron Sweed as “The Ghoul.”

While I enjoyed my trip down memory lane this weekend, I still have yet to come up with a costume. I don’t like obvious costumes like the one I wore above, but, I prefer to have people contemplate what I might be (e.g., one year I dressed up like a member of Brownie Troop 767 and carried around a jar of Planters’ nuts —so I was…..wait for it…..a brownie with nuts). Hey, I warned you my costumes keep getting lamer….

My colleagues here at Oneupweb go all out for Halloween, so my pursuit for a thought-provoking costume continues. In the meantime, I’m taking suggestions. Do you have any suggestions on what I can be for Halloween? Are you dressing up?

Bats all folks!

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