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Oh what a day it’s been in my little world of social media accounts and blogs. You know what I am talking about. The days when all you want to do is sign in and get your business done, and for some reason you keep signing in with the wrong user ID or password. Next thing you know you are blocked out, because you tripped that sign-in window a little too many times.

It all started off this morning when I got up this morning to sign into my online bank account. I don’t know, maybe one shouldn’t do that when they first wake up. All groggy-eyed I kept trying to sign in, and next thing I know it’s telling me, “You have tried to sign in too many times with failed attempts. You have been blocked from signing in any further. Please call your bank for clearance. ” They are just lucky they didn’t end with have a nice day. I would have screamed!

Then, I get to work and I am trying to upload some Halloween photos into our company Flikr account, and, yes, you guessed it. I couldn’t get in! I kept getting the message, “Incorrect User ID and Password combination.” Tried several combinations, and then suddenly it tells me, “We’re sorry you are not able to sign in correctly. Please come back later.”

OMG – Let me in already!!!

I was about to loose my mind like good old Jack in the Shining. You could hear me give a little maniacal laughter in the back room.

Then, after some communications with an old mate I finally was able to get signed in. I was able to reset the password. All was well in Flikr land.

Later, I called my bank on break and had my online account reset. It was then, in a moment of “ah-ha” that I realized I was only digit off in my password earlier that morning.

Now, at the end of the day I am kicking back and relaxing. All is well. All is attended to. I am at log-in peace. So, I shall end this little quick blog with a funny video about a man and his experience with User Error blah!

Have a Great Day!

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