Oneupweb : Honey Badger Does it Bada$$—So do We!

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Of course, some of you may have had the opportunity to see the commercial that reflects a fearless honey badger promoting the “Get Crackin'” pistachio nut. The storyline is that his badass attitude allows the honey badger to be relentless in his pursuit of the snack that he loves!

After some contemplation, it was obvious that digital marketing runs parallel with some of the same traits that the honey badger possesses. All of us here at Oneupweb come together to create a fearless agency in the digital world. Let me point out a couple of those similarities.

  • Once the honey badger is fixated on something, it goes all out to accomplish its mission. We are the same, we are committed to creating online success for our clients and we’re diligent in our pursuit!
  • Honey badgers put on this incredible show to  protect themselves. They know how to sport a “care free” attitude, yet sneak up on their predators and successfully survive. It’s a survival mechanism. Digital marketing is the same. We help clients find out about their competition and then we do all we can to outperform their competition through our own analytics.
  • An old badger will fight for an hour with a leopard that is eight or ten times its weight. If the badger is cornered, it’ll just go for it and attack with vengeance. A honey badger doesn’t care. It will fight off a lion without thinking twice. We work hard and are committed to creating success for our clients and are relentless in our pursuit. Competition may be fierce but so are we; we don’t care about the size of the competition only about the win.

So the next time you see the “Get Crackin'” commercial, remember Oneupweb. Like the honey badger, we have a fearless attitude. And if you’re not familiar with our services, check them out. Like the honey badger, we want to prepare you for any unexpected surprises or desired preys that you may encounter online. In the meantime, enjoy a pistachio on the honey badger!

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