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Oneupweb Launches ROSI trax™ to Measure Social Media ROI

Have you ever done something knowing that it’s worthwhile, but without knowing exactly what you’ll get out of it? I often get the feeling when I vote. Sure, there’s a definite element of civic pride in casting that ballot, but no matter how much faith you have in your chosen candidate, you never know what you’re going to get.

ROSI traxFor a long time, the same has been true in social media marketing. Since before the “like” button, CMOs and marketing professionals have been launching profiles, posting content and amassing fans and followers at fever pitch, but always without a completely satisfactory answer on ROI. In short, we’ve gone about social media marketing the same way we elect politicians: with strong conviction and an even stronger hope that everything “just works out in the end.” Sure, we’ve been able to venture educated guesses by comparing engagement to sales, but we’ve lacked reliable metrics. Until now.

Last week, Oneupweb launched ROSI trax™ – cutting-edge technology designed to measure Return on Social Investment. No gimmicks. No hocus-pocus. Just plain, no-nonsense analysis of consumer engagement with your brand via social media – and the direct conversions attributable to that interaction. Technically speaking, ROSI trax™ combines two critical services – a custom URL shortener and a tracking system that connects social shares with resulting sales. To learn more about how ROSI trax™ works, check out the walk-through. Additional information can be found on Oneupweb’s other blogs, StraightUpSearch and CreativeMeat.

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ROSI trax™ is only available to Oneupweb social media clients. Contact us or request a proposal today to see how Oneupweb can spice up your social – with ROSI trax™.


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