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There seems to be an ongoing search engine marketing debate regarding paid search campaigns when a site may have a strong organic presence. It is often communicated that “we’re already on the SERP” or “let organic get the click”—for digital marketers, this can be a frustrating equation to convey to a client or to upper management.

Paid or organic?

This question should not be viewed in a solo. Typically, a PPC campaign or SEO project should not stand alone. Paid search is an excellent way to fill the gaps where your organic listings do not position well. Also, on the most competitive searches, your brand or website may never reach the first page of the SERP due to well established sites and high levels of competition.

Column A and B

An integrated approach to search using both paid advertising and search engine optimization will balance your marketing budget to produce better results in the short and long term than either by itself. Paid search is an excellent way to achieve short term goals while steadily building an organic presence. PPC will also provide invaluable data that can be used for both online and offline initiatives and uncover the most profitable opportunities within SEO.

Integration = Incremental

A new study by Google states that paid search clicks do not “waste” or “steal” from organic listings, but increase total site traffic incrementally. Now I view this as likely biased since Google makes the majority of their revenue from paid search advertisers. However, I have run similar tests that seems to corroborate Google’s study.

To read the full study from Google, Inc. go here and to learn more about what integrated paid and organic search can do for you, contact us.

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