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This last week I reviewed the effect of Facebook EdgeRank™ for a one month span for a client and focused in on one post. For this review I will call this client EXA (Exhibit A.)

On one given day EXA admin posted a status update that created a spike in their activity chart. The status update caused the spike with a 0.61% feedback rate and 984 impressions that went across the main Facebook wall. It received 5 likes, 1 share, and 1 comment. In that it received a higher impression impact is due to that interactivity. When someone does any one of those activities on one of your own posts it will thrust that post into their own fan reach and into more newsfeeds outside your own circle. That is part of the Facebook EdgeRank™ algorithm.

What is the EdgeRank™ algorithm?
“In order to optimize a user’s News Feed, a formula called Facebook EdgeRank was created. Facebook EdgeRank decides what’s most important to display in the News Feed. If Facebook EdgeRank decides it’s not important, then it gets dropped off the Feed.” – Paul

Anytime someone posts something like a photo, video, status, or even like something this creates an edge, and therefore helps to rank your post.

EdgeRank™ has 3 elements to its algorithm:  affinity, weight, and time decay.

1. Affinity: the closeness you have with the other person. If you list a person as a family member or work colleague there will be a bigger affinity present. Even if you message them, Facebook will be able to pick up that you have an affinity with that person. Posting on their wall, commenting, “Liking” and so on creates a stronger affinity with them. In turn, will cause for when you post and they interact with you it is most likely to span across their newsfeed and so on helping to give you an edge in rank.

2. Weight: this factor is about making your updates interesting with ability to impact (influence) interaction. This is a point that can help a profile or page to rank and find placement in another person’s newsfeed who are not listed as family or colleague, etc. Posting with a video holds the highest weight while writing just a normal text status update holds the lowest.

The weight influence goes as follows:

Image Source: Adobe

3. Time Decay: this factor is about the currency of your update. Of course, the more recent the post the more this factor will give edge to your post.

There are ways a business can take advantage of this Facebook feature.

Have you explored Facebook’s EdgeRank or completed any reviews of its edge creation?

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