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14,281. That’s the number of fonts currently available on With sites like dafont and fontspace, everyone has access to thousands of free fonts. So many available fonts can create problems, especially for graphic designers. Here are a few free online tools that can help you identify and sort through the abundance of fonts out there.

Font Picker
Font Picker allows you to view a custom preview of all the fonts on your computer inside your browser window.

is another in-browser font viewer. It allows you to review and catalog all of your installed fonts. Features include tagging, favorites and a glyph viewer.

is a fun tool that can help you identify a font by using an image of the font or a url. If you can’t find the name of the font that way, you can post your image to the WhatTheFont Forum and get help from other font enthusiasts.

WhatFont (not to be confused with WhatTheFont)
This is my favorite tool to use when I need to know what font is being used on a webpage. The WhatFont tool gives you the font, size, line height and color and, if you feel its necessary, you can tweet it.

FontDropper 1000
Alright this one is just fun and I had to add it to this post. FontDropper 1000 is an easy way to test or design with web fonts from WebINK. You just drag the font from the palette to the text you want to replace in your browser screen.

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