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For many people Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days of the year. A day for gratuitous romantic gestures and chocolate gorging. However, if you’re anything like me you probably spent this Valentine’s Day alone in an apartment in pajamas, hugging a tub of ice cream and watching sappy romance flicks.

Seeing as how Valentine’s has just recently passed, I feel it’s only right to gush a little over a personal love: web fonts. So, to ease your (and my) Valentine’s Day woes I bring you a list of beautiful Google web fonts worth loving.

Tall letters with a slight curve make for a friendly font. This font is so strictly sans-serif it doesn’t even bother with extra lines, instead choosing to bend the letter instead of beginning a new stroke.

Open Sans
The internet seems to love Open Sans, and it’s a love that’s well earned. This font has all the seriousness of a good sans-serif, with the gentle slopes of a serif (check out the t and the f)

If you love Ubuntu for its curves, then maybe you’ll love Cabin for its solidity. Round o’s and vertical j’s make this font for me.

Josefin Slab
A dozen varieties and beautiful slabs aren’t the only thing that make this a great font choice. There’s also that tilted e and 90-degree t to love. This font also comes with a sans variation, but how can you deny something as elegant as a slab serif?

Well known and loved across the world-wide-internet, this font hasn’t worn out its welcome for me. Relatively large and curvy, this font is another personal favorite.

Droid Serif
The Droid family consists of some beautiful fonts, but Droid Serif takes the cake. Tall and just-square-enough, this font has the benefit of making a great header or great body copy.

Lora is a beautiful font and great for body-copy. It’s wide, slightly wavy, and friendly. The wavy feeling gives it the perfect amount of whimsy.

Merriweather is another that’s commonly mentioned in web font discussion, and for good reason. This is a beautiful, thin serif that needs little explanation

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