4 Principle Paid Media Strategies for 2013 Holiday Preparation

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The holiday season is just around the corner, and there’s no better time to prepare your holiday paid media strategies than now. This is often the busiest time of year for e-commerce clients, and a well-executed holiday campaign can make all the difference for a brand. Here are four tips to help you stay ahead of the curve this holiday season:

  1. Utilize Google’s Product Listing Ads – E-commerce clients have seen tremendous ROI growth with PLA campaigns over the past year. Use adwords_labels to highlight specific promotions throughout the holiday season.
  2. Exploit the Yahoo! | Bing Network – Bing will be offering their own version of PLAs in Q4 with the introduction of Bing Product Ads. This is in response to the success of Google’s Product Listing Ads and offers marketers a great new way to increase reach.
  3. Dynamic Remarketing – Our clients are seeing tremendous revenue growth with this feature as many shoppers “window shop” for the best price. This allows you to show specific products within your site that shoppers have recently viewed. You can tailor a promotional message highlighting urgency for “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” specials.
  4. Budgets – Make sure holiday budgets are in place starting around Halloween when we see an influx in search traffic. It is essential to be visible through the early stages of the buying cycle to increase brand visibility.

Analysts are predicting another double-digit year of growth for e-commerce sales. The foundation for great holiday sales numbers begins with well-planned and well-executed campaigns. It’s never too early to begin planning.

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