7 Really Good Reasons to Get Out of Bed Each Day

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Sometimes I’m feeling a little philosophical or even insightful. As I drove home from work a few days ago, I started to think about life and its challenges. I also think I watch too much reality TV. Even so, I contemplated my own life and the lives of those who have it much tougher than me. So I posed the question to myself: If an average, ordinary person were to ask me “Why should I get out of bed every day?” what would my answer to them be? Well, here’s my list of 7 really good reasons to get out of bed.

1) The prospect of what could be.
As the leader of a company, I never know what I’m going to walk in to each day. Some days it’s good and others not so much. Still though, most days it’s similar to driving a new road and not knowing what’s around each bend. Adrenaline with a dash of apprehension and excitement is always fun. Like the Tower of Terror and Demon Drop rolled into one.

2) Eye candy.
On some Successories poster somewhere there’s a verse that talks about beauty in the little things. And when you get past the corniness of this statement and look around – you truly can find some form of beauty in almost anything and everything. From a snail on the sidewalk to the emerald blue water outside my office window, the reflection of clouds in a chrome bumper, rain falling into a lake, wood grain, beautiful people—the list goes on and you get the point.

3) Your family.
We all have one or two outliers in our families. Nonetheless, most of our close peeps are precious. They give us purpose, a feeling of being needed. They understand us when few others can and they want the best for our future.

4) The one you love.
It’s not always perfect but imagine your life without that person in it. And imagine their lives without you.

5) Mattering.
It’s easy to think about a celebrity or politician that has left their mark on the world. It’s documented in some way. But the world we live in wouldn’t be what it is if you, your father, mother, business associate, asshole neighbor or whomever – hadn’t been here. All of our interactions influence and impact one another – from that comes a domino effect of change.

6) Because “today” will never come again.
Making the best of everyday can be a tough task. Oft times the shittier side of life will consume the positive aspects of any given day. Take a lesson from our friend the duck and let the water roll off your back. Most negative common events are blown out of proportion and over dramatized.

7) You never know.
Saving a child from an inattentive motorist, giving CPR to a senior citizen who collapsed in front of you, delivering a baby in a busy subway station. No, it’s not Superman but it could be you and how might things be different if you had stayed in bed?

There are plenty of other reasons, but these are high and hard on my list. What about you? Continue the conversation in the comments, or reach out to me direct.

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