A Whole New Reason to Say Yippee!

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So, I popped into my local, independent bookstore this weekend in search of something to occupy my evenings now that the sun sets at 5:30 PM in northern Michigan. Just inside the door I was greeted (read: stunned) by a head shot of a well-weathered Suzanne Sommers. Evidently the actress of Three’s Company fame has published a new book.

Well this got me to thinking: “What ever happened to Joyce DeWitt, the actress who played zany roommate Janet Wood in the late-70s / early-80s sitcom?” According to my research, Ms. DeWitt most recently reprised the role of Gypsy Rose Lee, the manipulative stage mother in the Bucks County Playhouse (Allentown, PA) production of the Broadway classic Gypsy. Can you say campy?

Comebacks are amazing things, almost as amazing as the efforts some will attempt to achieve them.

I was reminded of this yesterday while sifting through my inbox. I happened upon an email heralding Yahoo!’s newest online effort, The Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog. Yippee! Undoubtedly created to draw attention to the staged release of their new advertising interface/platform “project Panama;” this blog is just another move in Yahoo!’s attempt to save themselves from obscurity, irrelevance, and a third place seat behind MSN.

Yahoo!’s got a lot riding on “Panama” to be sure. In the wake of near-catastrophic revenue statements and projections Yahoo!’s top brass have been on a mission to breathe new life into their gasping Search Marketing division. They’re counting on “Panama” to hold on to market share, boost sagging profits, and ultimately keep investors happy.

Instead of the pseudo-clandestine “project Panama” moniker, the number two search engine should have dubbed their new advertising platform “project comeback.” And here’s hoping that it’s enough to keep Yahoo! on Broadway, out of Allentown.

“Sing out, Louise!!”

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