Advertising Is Not a Dirty Word

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A women holding up her finger in front pursed lips.Let me first admit that I’m that girl. I’m one (of the millions, or perhaps one in a million – it’s debatable) of those blasted media planners who you curse violently when ads appear while you’re trying to read your favorite column online. I did it. Be mad at me.

Guess what, I put it there because I knew you would be there. No, I certainly won’t tell you how I knew you would be there. Nor will I tell you how long it took me to figure out that although you curse them – you like the big flashy ones better than those that just stare longingly at you. You click on the big flashy ones. I even know which size you find most irresistible.

So why are you mad at me? Really – give me one honest reason why it is that you’re mad. I’m giving you exactly what you want. I don’t even make you search for what you want. I make sure that the certain something you’re after is right there on the page you visit daily, reminding you of how glad you are to see it there. How could you be mad?

My job, and that of every other media planner out there, is to cater to your needs and wants. Would you curse your butler if you had one? Imagine this for a moment with me if you will. It’s 12:03pm. Lunch time on a warm, sunny day. You’re hungry but you just can’t quite figure out what you want for lunch. You jump in your car, roll down the windows (of course), and pull out of your parking spot. But just before you get to the end of the driveway, a kind face walks up to your car. Now remember, your window is all ready down so you can’t be rude and try to roll it up in a big haste. Well I guess you can if you’d like – if you’re that person.

That kind face simply says, “The most satisfying lunch you had last week was just down the road. Turn your blinker on and take a left. Drive two short blocks. The café you weren’t able to recall… it’s called Marcy’s and it will be on your right hand side, on the corner. When you arrive, tell them that I sent you and they will have that fantastic turkey avocado wrap that you love, waiting just for you.” You drive to Marcy’s, your sandwich is there, it’s exactly what you wanted and since you didn’t spend all of your time driving around trying to find what it was that you wanted for lunch – you have 20 spare minutes to take in the sun.

Hello! Would you be mad? No, absolutely not. Think about the outcome people. Those media planners you begrudge daily… those blasted people who exist only to give you what you want. Shame on them, indeed.

Don’t try to fight it just because it came to you through an “ad”. Advertising is not a dirty word. It’s a good thing. It is there to get you the result you desire.

If you see a Oneupweb ad floating atop your column – and you’re intrigued or would like to read the fantastic white paper we’re offering that will answer all of your questions – click! It will get you what you want. That’s all, it’s that simple. Just click and get what you want. How can you possibly be mad? Stop pouting and thank the companies that pay people like me. I’m here to make your life easier; I’m your complimentary butler. For all that is sacred in this world – if you want it – click on it.

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