Amazon Kindle Makes History

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122909_kindletimemagIn my opinion, Oneupweb is a very cool place to work. And a few days ago, this opinion was strengthened when our fearless leader (Lisa Wehr) gifted every Oneupweb employee an Amazon Kindle. Most of us haven’t been able to put it down.

And Lisa wasn’t the only the one purchasing Kindles this past holiday season. In fact, Amazon representatives actually called the Kindle their most popular gift—ever.

Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of stated, “We are grateful to our customers for making the Kindle the most gifted item ever in our history. On behalf of employees around the world, we wish everyone happy holidays and happy reading!”

One benefit of the Kindle is that purchasing e-books to read on it is generally less expensive than purchasing the actual, tangible book itself. But what if you already have PDFs that you want to add to your Kindle? No problem! You can add PDFs as well as your own documents. Check out this tutorial for a detailed explanation.

Here are a few other key features of the Kindle.:

  • Listen to music while you read. To do this, plug your Kindle into your computer using the USB cord provided, and drag your MP3s to the music folder. To play the MP3s, select “Play MP3” from the experimental page. Each of the songs will play in the order that they were added to your Kindle.
  • Listen to the Kindle read to you. It’s kind of like a book-on-tape and is great for when you are driving in the car. To enable this feature, Press Aa (the text key) and enable the voice. Then you can choose if you would like a male or female voice to read to you.
  • Take notes on the Kindle. To do this, simply press the five-way controller down and scroll through the notes you want added. Then start typing and give your notes a name. They are then saved to home under “clippings.”

So will the Amazon Kindle or a similar device replace paperback books completely in the future? I’m not sure, but I do know that it is a good example of how new technology is changing the way we live. The way people shop, research and unwind is different than it was five years ago, two years ago, even less than one year ago. And Oneupweb is on the cutting edge of these trends. Is your company?

Taking notes on the Kindle

  • Simply press the 5 way controller down and scroll through the notes you want added. Then start typing and give your note a name. They are then saved to home under clippings.

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