And the Winner is…….

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An interesting piece of info slid across my workspace this foggily sunny morning that just may be of interest to everyone out there in the digital inter-web. Apparently our chief here at Oneupweb, Lisa Wehr, has been inundated with awards as of late.

Recently she was named one of BtoB Magazine’s Who’s Who of 2008, making it five consecutive years. I reiterate for emphasis: five consecutive years. This makes her the first and only individual in the search marketing category to be recognized five times in a row, and also probably the only former sled dog racer in the category as well.

And if that’s not rad enough, Lisa also garnered another honor, being recognized by Corp! Magazine’s Entrepreneurs of Distinction. Corp! Magazine, Michigan’s Largest Business Magazine, chose their honorees by their impressive business activities, major accomplishments, special skills and innovative approaches.

Instead of basking in the glow of her accomplishments, Lisa diverts the credit to us background singers, we Merry Men to her Robin Hood, her hard-working employees, “It takes a great team that contributes ideas and executes decisions. I’m really fortunate because I get to work everyday with a fantastic group of smart, innovative people. I feel a huge sense of responsibility towards them and our continued success.

And really, this is all pretty neat when one puts it into perspective: in just over 12 years Oneupweb has gone from a 4-person crew operating out of her basement to a collection of talented employees working in a 23,000 square foot building resting on the shores of Grand Traverse Bay. And even before all that Lisa has worked in Alaska in competitive dog sled racing, displaying the same determination and strategy that would help her receive several awards in the field of digital marketing and search optimization.

So from all of us at Oneupweb, we’d like to belt out a big “Congratulations, Lisa!”

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