Apple Unveils New Gaming Console

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San Francisco — Venturing ever deeper into rival territory, Apple Inc. unveiled their latest technological development this morning; a new gaming console, referred to as codename: Braeburn.

As their first real attempt at capitalizing on the gaming world, Apple’s new creation is showing much promise. Given its small size and current weight of 2.6 lbs, the Braeburn is the most portable non-handheld console yet to date. Shying away from tradition, the systems games will be distributed via “micro” flash card rather than a form of compact disk. The technology is still under development, but is described as resembling a small sugar cube.

The console has been designed not only as a gaming system, but as a multimedia bridge. It supports both Bluetooth and Wireless-N communication, and comes equipped with an iPod docking station. But perhaps the most interesting feature is the 160GB hard drive with a full installation of Mac OSX. The idea originated as a way to stay connected to social networks by allowing users to install their favorite chat programs and access blogs via Safari. It soon developed further with the possibility of playing Mac-compatible games on your television screen.

Other specifications talked about were extremely vague, but the real eye-catcher (or is it ear-catcher?) was the mentioning of Ultra HD. For those of you new to the concept, the latest in High Definition resolution raises the bar from 1080p to 4320p; 16x the quality of the current industry standard. The console will support resolutions as low as 720i, but 480i/p can only be achieved via the optional docking port.

Although an official launch date has not yet been revealed, rumors point to a Q3 release of 2011. It’s no surprise that a price tag has not yet been announced, as this is an April Fools Day Joke, and we made the whole thing up.

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