Are Your Friends Committing MySpace Mutiny?

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Come on you know what I mean. All of a sudden your good MySpace friends are posting on their profiles to find them at Facebook.

I wonder about this mutiny because it has pressured me into actually using my own Facebook account. And on a very small scale it seems to confirm the rumors that with Facebook’s continued growth the social networking site will become more popular than MySpace.

Forrester Web Strategist Jeremiah Owyang predicted a year ago that Facebook and MySpace will soon share the same amount of users.

At the time, Forrester’s data showed Facebook with an average of 250,000 new registrations per day since Jan. 2007. More recent reports show that number jumping to approximately 600,000 new users every day.

Despite Facebook’s growth, Owyang cautions marketers from thinking MySpace will lose its social media prowess. Each social networking site has its own specific demographic and audience expectations that will serve marketers and users.

Owyang’s point is that Facebook is more of a place to connect while MySpace is a place to express. MySpace’s audience is primarily Generation X and MTV viewers who expect video and TV incorporated into profiles. If you’re a musician, your first step in many cases is a MySpace profile. Now think about Facebook. It’s more mainstream, less artsy.

I like to think of MySpace as the Mac of social networking sites and Facebook as the PC of social media. MySpace really started the social networking site craze, but Facebook adapted the idea for a mainstream audience, in my opinion.

I believe Owyang is correct in not discounting MySpace just yet. But enough about MySpace; I have Facebook friend requests to approve.

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