Avoiding a Single Point of Failure

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In the rowdy technology circles that myself and my fellow technology workers can be found in, a single point of failure is never known as a good thing.

In laymen’s terms, a single point of failure can be defined as any system, be it a network or process that relies on one component to get the job done. That one component, as you may already have guessed, is the single point of failure.

A little over a week ago, I broke my finger. My black Labrador retriever, who was intently focused on her beloved frisbee, used her 55 pounds of unbridled excitement to pull on her leash, which was very improperly wrapped around my finger.

Now, as a Software Developer, my hands serve as a vital component to my day-to-day work activities. Lucky for me, I am surrounded by a talented team of developers who are both willing and able to step right in and compensate for the speed reductions that come along with having one’s hand in a cast.

This experience over the last week has made me think a great deal about how important it is to ensure that certain things aren’t negatively impacted by a single point of failure, and how when you work with Oneupweb, as a client or an employee, you reap the benefits that come along with having a talented team of industry professionals you can count on, thereby avoiding the risk of a single point of failure.

For our clients, you benefit from the personalized attention and industry expertise that our outstanding team of Project Managers provide on a daily basis. In our collaborative environment, you can be sure that your company can and will reap the rewards of having knowledgeable and experienced SEO and SEM experts who you can count on.

For us employees, we have the opportunities to work with some of the best and brightest minds (in my own maybe not so humble opinion). As an employee, should a mishap (like a broken finger) happen, you can rely on your coworkers to back you up, eradicating the risk of being a single point of failure.

If you’re thinking that being a part of the creative and collaborative team over here at Oneupweb sounds pretty cool, you may be interested in our upcoming Career Fair.

After all, while single points of failure aren’t very cool, working with a great team is.

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