Benefits of Video Marketing

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Investing in professional video marketing can do a lot for your brand, including:

  • Boost leads, sales, and revenue
  • Establish trust with customers
  • Improve rankings in Google search
  • Appeal to mobile users
  • Provide information in a more accessible way

If your business hasn’t gone all-in on video, we recommend checking out this lucrative marketing tool. Because at Oneupweb, we see firsthand the transformative results that video can have on brand awareness and the bottom line.

Here’s what to know.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing (like all content marketing) is all about creating great content and delivering it in a way that is efficient, informative and entertaining. Both B2C and B2B marketing teams are expanding the role that video plays in their digital strategy.

At its core, video marketing is as simple as making a great video and using either native assets (like your website) or platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, various social media platforms, and display networks to put content in front of the right people. The better the video’s quality, structure, entertainment value, and promotion strategy, the more likely it is to reach and engage target audiences.

The Importance of Video Marketing

Video is no longer a “bonus” asset. It has transitioned to a must-have in the world of digital marketing and advertising. Over the past few years, social media platforms and search engines alike have prioritized high-quality video content in their algorithms to meet changing expectations from users. Instagram is the perfect example. In June 2021, Instagram’s Adam Mosseri announced that the site is no longer a photo platform. They’re committed to rejiggering their algorithm to serve users more video content, which will reshape how even the most photo-centric social media platform looks, feels and functions. There’s evidence those changes on Instagram and other social channels are becoming more widespread, too.

Growth of Video Marketing

Since 2016, the number of businesses using online video marketing has increased from 61% to 86%. One of the reasons is that some of the biggest marketing platforms have majorly emphasized video. For example, Instagram’s Reels and IGTV – both video streams that compete with TikTok – show how social media is becoming yet another video outlet.

You already know the biggest player. As of 2021, YouTube has over 2.3 billion users worldwide, making it the second-biggest social platform behind Facebook. And YouTube is much more than a social media platform. Since Google acquired it in 2006, it’s tapped into its parent company’s resources to become the second-biggest search engine in the world, handling more searches per month than Bing, AOL, Yahoo, and combined. Now, that’s the power video holds.

Tips for Video Marketing

Video offers several opportunities to inform and delight an audience. Here are a couple of ways to make the most of every second of every video:

  1. Be a storyteller. You can fit a lot into even short video clips. By creating a story arc that includes an engaging beginning, rising action, and a sense of resolution, you’ll better hold the viewer’s attention.
  2. Keep them hooked. You don’t have long to capture a viewer’s attention these days. In the first few seconds of your video (and any accompanying descriptive copy), establish what the video is about and what viewers will learn, especially if the video covers information about a product or service. There are many video editing tools that can make offering engaging videos a bit easier. Find an app that suits your style of shooting, editing, and sharing.
  3. Make custom thumbnails. Viewers will always judge a book (i.e., video) by its cover. Social media platforms and search engines automatically generate a thumbnail image as a sneak peek for viewers. Don’t trust these platforms to get it right. Create a custom thumbnail for every video to make a great first impression.
  4. Give viewers something to do. Don’t let a potential customer just sit there. During and after your video, use CTAs to get them on your bandwagon, including:
    1. Subscribe
    2. Follow/Like the video or page
    3. Share with friends
    4. View related video content or blogs
  5. Make your content easy to find. YouTube serves 3 billion searches per month, so SEO (search engine optimization) matters if you want your content to be visible. Additionally, nailing your keywords is becoming more important on Facebook, which now sees almost 2 billion searches per day. Optimize your video title, description, and hashtags to get your content in front of the right people. On YouTube, even if you already have a large library of videos, optimizing existing videos and the channel itself can result in more views and more conversions.

Does Professional Video Marketing Pay Off?

Big time. Using a professional video production team opens up marketing options surrounding content like this:

  • Brand videos
  • Campaign videos
  • Product videos
  • Animated ads and motion graphics
  • How-to videos

It’s worth the investment too. For example, 74% of users who watched a how-to video on a product page went on to make a purchase. Even when users don’t convert immediately, there are long-term benefits. 57% of consumers said that videos give them more confidence in brands they shop online.

Do It for Google

Google is all about videos these days. Not only can videos keep users on your site longer and convert more often, but they can also drive more quality traffic to your site in the first place. Sites with a video embedded in them somewhere are 53 times more likely to show up first on Google than a site without embedded video. Google also uses videos in their featured snippet, which is a search result highlighted at the top of the page.

Do It for Mobile Users

Folks watching videos are often on the move. Growing access to Wi-Fi and fast mobile networks have enabled this movement. Today, more than 90% of consumers watch videos from their phones. With 5G expected to bring even faster internet access to mobile devices, this trend isn’t going anywhere.

Video Marketing Works Everywhere

Finally, video doesn’t just check a box. Creating a robust library of video content gives brands the flexibility to react fast to new trends by editing, compiling, and adapting existing material to changing consumer interests. There’s no such thing as a Facebook video; instead, there’s a video that can be plugged in natively on Facebook as well as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. It’s worth investing in video marketing internally, but hiring professionals (hey, that’s us) can ensure the time and money you put in doesn’t get wasted. Great video content is an excellent way to fill your marketing quiver.

Oneupweb Video Production

The Oneupweb video and creative team is darn good at what they do. We can handle every element of your video shoot, plus photography, graphic design, and content marketing too. Contact us to get your next video project started today! 

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