Biggest Bar Night, Maybe Not So Big

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As you may or may not know, the night before Thanksgiving is allegedly the busiest bar night of the year. Many folks travel back to their hometowns to visit family for the holiday and decide to “go out” and indulge in a libation or two before overindulging on gravy the next day.

I decided to put on my investigative reporter cap and learn a bit more about this alleged night as it relates to social media.

For my investigation, I used Trendistics. Trendistics allows people to see Twitter trends over various periods of time – 180 days to the last 24 hours. I used the phrase “Going Out” as my base for the investigation. Here’s what I found:

7 Days

11-27-2009 going out 7 day 550w

30 Days

11-27-2009 going out 30 day 550w

As you can see, over the last 30-day period “Going Out” was not the most talked about subject matter on Wednesday (the night before Thanksgiving), but rather Halloween. This is not very surprising as people may have been tweeting that they were “going out” trick or treating with their kids. However, the biggest surprise is that even month-to-date, last Wednesday was still beaten out by Friday, November 20th as Twitter’s most “Going Out” day in November.

I decided to change up my phrasing by just focusing on the word “Bar.” Here’s what I found:

7 Days

11-27-2009 bar 7 day 550w
 30 Days

11-27-2009 bar 30 day 550w

As you can see, when looking at the 7-Day chart there clearly was an increase in “bar” related tweets late Wednesday night and early Thanksgiving Day, but the 30-Day chart has Saturday, November 14th as the most “Bar” talked about day on Twitter.

This is by no means an in-depth investigative report, just a little diddy about pre-Thanksgiving behavior as it relates to social media for your enjoyment. Happy Holidays!

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