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Have you taken the time to make sure your blog will rank for the keywords you are targeting? If not, you may not be getting everything out of your blog. Blogs and search engines truly are an important part of the modern media and information age. My blog today should help exemplify this point.

Now why did my headline list election results? Easy. Today is Election Day and I knew that if I mentioned it, and added a little optimization to this blog post, I’d get many readers to take a look at my write-up. Millions of people will be scanning the news search engines and other online sources for up-to-the-minute election news. I apologize. I don’t really have any election results, but the next paragraph is quite interesting and on topic for politics, blogs, and search engines.

Search engines now play a big role in politics. People trust the search engines to do a pretty good job of helping them find information on products, services, history, and more. So why wouldn’t they go to search engines for political information too? These days search engines results pages are filled with both flattering and insulting information about most major political candidates. It seems that the candidates that come out looking the best may have had an army of bloggers, or some smart search engine marketers, to help them keep a clean image. These same bloggers and optimizers may be responsible for the negative political material in the search engine results pages.

Not sure what I mean? Well you could search for your favorite candidate’s name in Google. Or better yet, for a well known, politically-based search engine result, follow this link: Politicized Search Engine Results

Are you curious about how this happened? Go back to the results page and read the post from Search Engine Watch.

In today’s blog I also wanted to reprise a blog I did back in August after seeing the film Borat at the Traverse City Film Festival. That blog was meant to point out that you can do some powerful things with your blog and the search engines if you find a topic of interest and be one of the first to write about it.

I was one of the first to write a film review for Borat, and now it is a well ranked listing in the search engine results pages. Here’s a link to the Borat blog post from August 9, 2006: Borat Review.

Well I hope you get my point. Search engines and blogs are here to stay and together they contribute a great deal to the ideas we share in the modern world. If you want to market your thoughts, ideas, or products, you can get in front of many eyes by knowing how to use these channels effectively. If you are not sure how to optimize your website or blog, contact a professional search engine marketing firm. They can help.

What? Borat for President? Now please, let’s get carried away, NOT.

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