Building A Diverse Team: Oneupweb Introduces First Female Developer

In the male-dominated tech industry, one in four web developer jobs are held by women. Oneupweb has been developing websites for almost 20 years and, though we’re a company that prides itself on maintaining a diverse workforce, we’ve never met that industry-standard male-to-female ratio … until today!

Oneupweb is so proud to introduce our newest team member and our first (ever) female developer! Kelly Hanson brings so much to the table here and we couldn’t be happier to welcome her to our team. I asked Kelly for a few thoughts on what excites her most about the industry and also about working at Oneupweb. Here’s what she had to say!

“It has been a long road to starting work here.  I became really interested in working with computers as a career after I earned a degree in GIS from the University of Montana in 2011.  However, with a bachelor’s degree in history instead of computer science, I found it very challenging to find a job as a GIS analyst and realized I needed more schooling if I was going to break into this field.  I enrolled at NMC taking database and business courses and sometime during the semester saw a flier for the web development program.  I enrolled primarily because I saw web development as a path to having a “career” but also having a lot of freedom and being able to work from anywhere. The challenge of constantly having to learn to stay on top of rapidly evolving technology really appeals to me I’ve really only been a professional “developer” for about 6 months but I’ve had a life-long interest in technology.

What really excited me about working here is the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned in school and in my time working in freelance web development in an agency environment where I can work on much larger projects. I enjoy the energy of Oneupweb and being surrounded by creative people who truly enjoy their jobs and I also have a background in business development and strategy and like helping businesses succeed.  If I can implement tools on websites which make growth possible that is exciting.”

Thanks for sharing, Kelly! We have big plans for you here!


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