3 Powerful Ways Infographics Help Your Brand

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The Internet can’t get enough of infographics. We love facts, figures and statistics. And when you toss that information with a hefty dose of visual awesome sauce—Pow! Seriously addictive content.

From January 2009–2013, the interest in infographics grew 800%. And is still trending upward.

Oh wait. Let’s try that data again, presented as a simple/rudimentary infographic:

This data is significantly more interesting and meaningful when presented graphically.  Not only that, but in a relatively small amount of space we were able to present five years of infographic search volume on the Internet, as well as the ebb and flow of searches over that time. Your brain just processed that graphic faster, with greater retention and impact than just reading the words: “800% growth”.

By breaking up and condensing large data sets into digestible pieces, your users will spend more time with the content you create and be more likely to retain and share it. This, in turn:

  1. Increases website traffic
    Share through social media as well as infographic-centric websites like visual.ly, and watch your traffic numbers grow.
  2. Builds brand awareness
    Include brand identifiers like a logo and get a brand boost every time your infographic is viewed.
  3. Raises credibility
    Well-researched infographics help position brands as thought leaders and experts.

But it’s not always as easy as pie. To create a successful infographic you need the right topic, a good set of facts, a visually compelling design and a solid strategy behind it. Whether your goal is to make complex information more understandable, or increase website traffic, infographics make great marketing content that’s as powerful as it is sought-after and appreciated by your audience, their friends and followers.

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