9 Reasons Why the eCommerce Industry Needs to Think Mobile First

Ecommerce has changed a lot since the first secure online purchase in 1994 (it was a large pizza from Pizza Hut just in case you were curious). via GIPHY By 2003 more than 20 percent of all Americans had broadband internet in their home (that number is now closer to 73 percent) which contributed to […]

The Best E-Commerce Platform For Your Business: A Woocommerce v. Magento Showdown

In your search for the best e-commerce platform, there’s no doubt you’ve come across both Magento and Woocommerce. These incredibly robust software platforms are built for housing online catalogs. Both have matured to a point where, feature by feature, they offer nearly identical functionality. Both platforms can produce the same user experience. Both have easy-to-use administration […]

The Art of Targeting Men Using Pinterest

Considering recent site improvements and the launch of Promoted Pins, advertisers have excellent new opportunities to target men using Pinterest. When Pinterest launched in March 2010, it nailed the landing in becoming the premier online digital scrapbook for collecting recipes, DIY schematics, wedding ideas, inspirational quotes, and much more (including my favorite: the Willy Wonka […]

Google Begins Calling out Mobile-Friendly Sites in Search Results

Is your site mobile friendly? Google confirmed that it cares about mobile-friendly design a lot when it announced November 18 that it has begun a gradual roll-out of optimizing its search results for mobile users by adding a “mobile-friendly” label to search results that are considered “mobile-friendly.” This change has been rolling out globally over […]

New Holiday Memes for a Jolly Online Shopping Season

If you turned on the news this weekend, you likely saw the hordes of holiday shoppers ready to bust down the door for Black Friday deals. Oh the thrill of the hunt! Seriously, we love Black Friday. We just love Cyber Monday even more. The kickoff to holiday shopping is when months of strategy really […]

Is Becoming a Google Trusted Store Right for Your Business?

The answer is definitely YES if you run an e-commerce website and are you’re interested in showing your customers that you provide the highest level of service on the web. Receiving the Google Trusted Store seal of approval means that Google recognizes your business for offering a great customer experience that is reliable. My team […]

4 Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn From E-Commerce Holiday Planning

It’s no secret the holiday season is an incredibly important time for online retailers. For example, 2013 sales on Cyber Monday topped $2B, and all signs indicate that this number will grow in 2014. It’s also no secret the holiday season is incredibly important for nonprofits. Frankly, nonprofit organizations know the last two calendar days […]

E-Commerce on Facebook: Fool’s Gold or Goldmine?

Let’s call out the Facebook e-commerce elephant in the room; people are not spending time on Facebook to shop for your products. I know, I know, your ads are awesome. Your copywriter used to write for Spin magazine and Oprah. Your landing pages have one call to action, and it’s absolutely compelling. But the reality […]

4 Reasons Pinterest Promoted Pins Are the Best Thing in Social Commerce

Pinterest is in the final beta rounds of Promoted Pins, and we already know this new form of advertising will revolutionize social commerce. I’ve been a social commerce believer since I sold my used text books in a Facebook group almost 10 years ago. Now a decade of e-commerce client work, blogs and white papers […]

Is the Free Ride Over with Google Analytics?

In the vast stable of Google Products, I have to believe that among the most valuable – to consumers – is Google Analytics (GA). Yes, I know, I’m not exactly bringing you a revelatory moment on a Friday, granted. It establishes a context though. GA has always been essentially an enterprise level analytics platform and […]

5 “Big Brand” Social Strategies :: Our Latest Ecommerce Resource

You’ve heard it said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in the business world, it’s also a quicker way to capitalize on opportunity. Why recreate the wheel? In our latest ecommerce resource, 5 “Big Brand” Social Strategies You Can Apply to Your Ecommerce Efforts, we analyze 5 social strategies the “big brands” […]