Research & Strategy

Follow the Crowd: Social Proof in Marketing

Consider how you go about making a decision. How much research goes into deciding what restaurant to try for dinner?  What’s the tipping point when deciding between two different lawn mowers? Why do you choose to take the highway when other options are available? Every decision we make – whether it be about purchasing a […]

Brainstorm Your Way to a Collaborative Culture

When bringing on a new prospect or client, it’s always interesting to find out who in the office has knowledge or experience in or around the field that the client is a part of. The opportunity to apply existing knowledge to pitches and strategies is what makes working for an agency so fun. The Team, […]

Start the Hype Machine: Predictions for Best Super Bowl 50 Commercial Starts Now

Are you ready for some football….commercial predictions? It’s here, folks—in less than 20 days most of us will be partying with friends and family, rooting for one of two teams to win Super Bowl 50 (or at the very least, we’ll be hoping one of our Squares hits it big). Will it be a tale […]

The Following Preview Has Been Approved for All Audiences

What can a marketing asset like a movie trailer teach you about marketing in general? If you’re like me, part of the experience in going to see a movie at the theater is equal parts wanting to see the new movie, wanting to sit and eat Reece’s Pieces and wanting to check out the trailers […]

Going Mobile? Throw Away Those Personas

“Intent beats identity. Immediacy trumps loyalty.” This is Debbie.               She’s in her mid 60s,  a mother of two (boy and girl), with four grandchildren. She’s an aging business executive with ABC Corp. She’s worried about things like pollution and the current state of our education system, but she […]

Small Businesses Have the Connection Advantage (if done right)

Kick-start your marketing efforts with some of the year’s best ideas and strategies for small businesses. Consumers want to feel good about where they’re shopping. Big-box stores are hardly in danger of extinction, but consumers are increasingly conscious of the types of businesses they patronize. They want to know about where the products come from […]

Oneupweb’s Guide to Pinterest: Rich Pins (Part 3)

In our last post we covered Promoted Pins, now it’s time to talk Rich Pins. What are Rich Pins? Rich Pins are a special type of Pin that makes using the platform more straightforward and seamless. Not to be confused with Promoted Pins, Rich Pins are actually free for businesses. These Pins include extra information […]

Micro Moments and Mobile :: Good for B2B?

By now you have no doubt heard about the importance of mobile. But in case you need a quick refresher: Mobile is important for every brand and every audience. How important? Just consider these stats courtesy of Google’s Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile: 87% of Millennials always have their smartphones at […]

Remarketing List for Search Ads: Oneupweb’s Tips & Tricks for Optimal RSLA Performance

Are you currently running Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA) campaigns? Oneupweb Director of Paid Media Shawn Finn explains the benefits of this underutilized search campaign feature. What are Remarketing Lists for Search Ads? In order to implement Google RLSA campaigns, the Google remarketing tag must be placed on every page of your website that […]

4 Simple Ways to Increase Average Order Value

Recently, a prospective e-commerce client asked us for advice on how to go about increasing their average order value. It’s a great question, and with 2015 holiday season planning quickly getting underway, it’s something every Internet retailer should be thinking seriously about. So how do you do it? Here are four simple ideas to get […]

Stop, Collaborate and Listen: 6 Tips for Better Collaboration

Here at Oneupweb, we have many different types of people, each with their own set of skills. Our clients benefit from our daily strategy collaborations because that is when the magic truly happens. Let’s explain why. How many times in life have you decided to take a step back from a problem that you were […]