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Meet Dave “Straight Out of the Bag” Doran

NAME: Dave Doran POSITION: Senior Business Strategist WHAT’S YOUR AVERAGE DAY LIKE AT ONEUPWEB? I pop in and out of a few different worlds like a desperate, frenetic prairie dog, which suits my ADD just fine. I work in sales, evaluate potential new tools and technologies, have a couple of SEO and content marketing clients, […]

Meet Michelle “Jazz Hands” Rodriguez

NAME: Michelle Rodriguez POSITION: Administrative Assistant WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE BLOG? I am a bit of a hippie. With all the things happening in the world this is a positive source of inspiration for me. It shines light on the good happening in the world, tips on how to help others, how be more eco-friendly, […]

Meet Ashley “Boots With No Fur” Mugnolo

NAME: Ashley Mugnolo POSITION: Inbound Marketing Manager TELL US ABOUT A FAVORITE CLIENT MOMENT. I had a client who was a sponsor for “Sesame Street Live” when the show visited Michigan. The client was so appreciative of the work that our agency had done for them that I got to take my family to one […]

Meet the Mandamás – Fernando Meza

Name: Fernando Meza Position: CEO What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? Catching up on my inbox. Checking in on client needs and making sure they’re happy. Making sure projects are on track. Creating the best-possible environment for the employees and best processes to support them in that pursuit. Tell us about a favorite client […]

Introducing Our #1 Priority – Janese Horton

Name: Janese Horton Position: Director of Finance What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? Well, my #1 priority is to handle as much as I can for the CEO on the financial side so that he can focus his energy on all the other aspects of the business, but having said that, the average day […]

A Woman Of Many Talents – Angela Reed

Name: Angela Reed Position: Human Resources Assistant What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? It’s anything but what I would describe as average. It’s always new and different. Being an organized, list-making, plan-ahead kind of girl helps keep necessary tasks in order but also means I go through a lot of Post-its. I stay extremely […]