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Well you’ve heard us say it more than once now, so it’s time to really sit back and let this message sink in, envelope you, and breathe in the sweet aromas of change. Because we’re telling you &mdash it’s here! Now, now before you go skulking away at the mention of change, we here at Oneupweb have just released a new white paper to get you excited about all the changes that search is currently undergoing. This paper is called Franchisors: Cash In on the New SEO. It is the first of an exclusive four-part series in Oneupweb’s partnership with Franchise UPDATE Media Group.

If the title of the paper didn’t give it away, I’ll put it point blank &mdash franchisors need to be taking advantage of the opportunities for success that are currently available through both natural search and social media campaigns. Search and social have fused, and this combination creates an enormous amount of potential for franchisors.

This paper highlights how search results have changed, how you can integrate search and social into your next campaign and the four things every franchisor should be doing right now. Below, I’ve highlighted some key points from the paper.

How has search changed?

Franchisors: Cash In On The New SEO arms you with information about what, exactly, blended search is. In a nutshell, blended search is simply the combining of all search results onto a SERP (Search Engine Results Page). These results can include maps, blogs, videos, images, podcasts, etc. In order to increase the number of search results you get on a given SERP, you need to have social media content for that search engine to pull from.

How can I integrate search and social into my next campaign?

You’ll have to check out the white paper to learn more tips on how to integrate search and social into your next campaign, but put shortly &mdash make sure your company has a well maintained, regularly updated blog, video, images, etc in order to maximize both natural search and social media campaigns. These are all good starting points. However, remember that once you get involved, it’s critical that you are maintaining your brand and your reputation at all times.

What are these four things you mentioned that I should be doing right now?

If we told you, we’d have to kill you. Oh come on, we’re just kidding! But really, it’s highly recommended that you read this paper to find out what you should be doing in greater detail. On the surface, it goes something like this: 1) Do your research 2) Add and optimize 3) Integrate your efforts 4) Get help.

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