Choosing a Free Digital Marketing Course Online

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Whether you’re new to digital marketing or taking your intermediate skills to the next level, finding the best online courses can feel like a drudgery of searching for just the right thing. There is an abundance of training opportunities, but they aren’t all worth their weight in gold. (Wait… do online courses weigh anything?)

The Oneupweb team is here to help you sort through the options and find something that will truly fit your needs.

Learn Digital Marketing

Learn Your Way

Before you head to Google and start searching your day away, consider these questions. They will help you determine what type of digital marketing training you’re looking for so you can narrow down options and focus on what’s most important.

1. What do you want to learn?

Digital marketing isn’t just one thing. It’s content marketing, social media, website development, paid media advertising, search engine optimization, and so much more. Those who are interested in learning digital marketing may want to excel in one part of the industry, or they want a general introduction to the whole landscape before they find a niche.

Before you look for a training program, know what you want to learn.

2. How do you learn best?

Each of us is unique, which means we have our own style of learning. Think about whether you learn best by listening, watching videos or reading content. Knowing how you learn will help you choose a course that will deeply benefit you.

3. How much time do you want to spend?

Learning a new discipline can be time intensive. Before choosing a training, make sure you know how much time you’re willing to commit. If you’re short on time, you won’t want to watch hour-long videos every weekday. You’ll be better off with training that is offered in short snippets so you can fit them into your day.

4. Are you willing to fork over some cash?

We know – you came here because you want to know about free digital marketing training options. But it’s worth knowing whether you’re willing to spend money on a training course. If you are, it will change the way you search for and consider the options.

Don’t fret about the dough! There are plenty of great free digital marketing courses out there. 

Free Digital Marketing Courses

Your ideal, free digital marketing courses may not be the same as someone else’s. But we do want to share a few of our favorite resources for learning about digital marketing online.

  • Google Analytics Academy. Every digital marketer should be well versed in Google Analytics so they can determine which strategies are successful and adjust tactics based on performance.
  • Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO. If reading is more your style, Moz offers a great guide that walks you through the basics of Search Engine Optimization.
  • Semrush Academy. Semrush offers series of videos to help you learn specific SEO skills. These are a great choice if you’re planning to use Semrush as your SEO tool.
  • HubSpot Email Marketing Courses. Get HubSpot-certified while learning how to refine your email marketing strategy.   
  • WordStream PPC University. With courses for beginners and advanced paid media marketers, this is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to use PPC efficiently.
  • Oneupweb’s free digital marketing courses. Explained below!  

Learn Digital Marketing from Oneupweb

Our full-service agency recently launched our very own free digital marketing course online, called Learn with Oneupweb. It’s a public-facing version of our internal training program that has effectively kept our team on top of both the basics and every new trend.

The format is 10- to 20-minute-long training videos that can be watched at your convenience. Each course also has a quiz so you can test your knowledge after watching! We started with introductory lessons and are adding more advanced trainings too, about once a month. If you sign up, we’ll send you an email when a new one hits the site – and you can log in anytime to learn.

Even better? Our Learn with Oneupweb LinkedIn group gives you a space to connect with other digital marketers and get support when you need it!

Sign up for Learn with Oneupweb today.

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