Content is King

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Being a writer, I was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to work for Oneupweb and break into an up and coming industry while still getting to do one thing that I am passionate about: writing.

However, my writing skills have been put to the test. Don’t get me wrong I am always up for a challenge, and I knew that developing solid copy was part of the job description. I just didn’t know how important it actually was.

I have learned that if you don’t have content on your site that displays relevancy, usability, and also targets the audience you are looking to capture by using keywords and applicable content, your site isn’t going to be found. In order for a search engine to offer it up to searchers as a viable reference to their search queries, the content has to prove itself. There are several different components that come into play when developing the copy of your site in hopes to achieve overall website conversion goals.

From a search engine’s stand point they are looking for content that stands out and is directly related to the search query. Relevancy is a key ingredient to your website’s success. One of the ways to increase relevancy is to target keywords within the content. However, stuffing pertinent terms around every other word is not going to do the trick. The selected targeted words should be backed up and strategically placed within the content that supports the main idea you are looking to convey.

Unique content is also an important aspect to developing copy on your site. Saying the same thing over and over and over again repetitively is going to appear redundant to a search engine, and if they discover duplicated content they will essentially throw out one duplicate or the other. Now you can hope it will be the other, but if the content within your site is unique, not only will the search engine recognize that but your site will also stand out.

Along with relevancy, your copy must also be reader friendly. While stuffing targeted terms all over the place in random sequences might seem like a good idea, it won’t be very usable to the user, and the likelihood that they will stay on your site to get the information they are looking for is doubtful. Search engines also pick up on this, and aren’t necessarily going to return a website to the search query that isn’t readable.

Since my beginning at Oneupweb, my writing skills have definitely been challenged, but in a good way, and I now understand that in order to meet the overall conversion goals, get searchers to come to and stay on your site, as well as having search engines find your site depends a vast majority on the content you are writing. With a hierarchy of SEO options available, content is most definitely king!

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