CRM Retargeting: 3 Ways to Increase Customer Frequency

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Combining CRM data with sophisticated ‘matching’ technology, CRM retargeting allows digital marketers to serve targeted, relevant display ads to defined customer and/or prospect segments. On a recent Oneupweb webinar, I spoke with one of our paid media specialists about the opportunities for B2C and B2B brands to leverage CRM retargeting for increasing customer frequency. Here are 3 scenarios that CRM retargeting can help address:

1. Inactive Email Subscribers — CRM retargeting allows marketers to segment audiences by any available attribute within their contact databases. For brands that have invested in marketing automation and connected their database with their email marketing service, CRM retargeting provides a great opportunity to reach and reengage inactive email subscribers. For instance, by creating a segment of email subscribers who haven’t opened a promotional email in the past 90 days, a brand can reach that audience with a highly targeted display ad campaign, enticing them back with a customized offer.

CRM retargeting uses email and postal addresses to “match” customer and/or prospect segments from a CRM database across the web. Highly relevant display ads can then be served to those audiences.

2. Low Direct Mail and/or Catalog ROI — As printing and postal cost increase and customer behavior and expectations change, many companies are experiencing diminishing ROI in direct mail and catalogs. CRM retargeting is a great way for these companies to complement these traditional efforts and improve ROI. Using CRM retargeting’s unique postal matching capabilities, brands can serve highly relevant ads to direct mail and/or catalog recipients to dramatically improve campaign visibility. This is a great way to reengage customers who instinctively throw away most direct mail advertising, or — through even more refined segmentation — demonstrate low response rates.

3. Low Customer / Prospect Engagement on Social Media — Social media advertising is more advanced than ever. But beyond options to promote content and advertise to their existing followers, brands have traditionally lacked options for reaching their broader customer and/or prospect audiences. The integration of CRM retargeting with social media advertising (such as with Twitter’s “Tailored Audiences” and Facebook’s FBX) changes that. By onboarding defined segments, brands can now serve ads exclusively to their own customers and prospects on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook — regardless of whether or not those users “like” the brand or are following them already.  CRM retargeting is a great opportunity to increase social engagement (and the likelihood of repeat business) among your most valuable audience: people you already know.

For more actionable insights and practical tips, check out the full webinar, “CRM Retargeting for Improving Customer Frequency” below. Or, if you prefer, you can watch it on YouTube.

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